How to Organise your Home with Baskets

Using baskets is the easiest way to organise any room in a home and they are invaluable for storage in rooms that tend to get cluttered quickly.

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When a home lacks storage, be it in the kitchen, bathroom, or in living spaces, clutter tends to build up simply for lack of a place to put it. Investing in some baskets will put paid to a disorganised home and nowadays you can purchase baskets in a variety of styles and sizes. Alternatively, if you want a more affordable option for corralling your clutter, think plastic or wire baskets - they do just as good a job as baskets made with natural materials.

Any interior designer or organizer will tell you that baskets are the answer to clutter and they look good too. We take a tour through the house to see where you can use baskets to best advantage to prevent the pile-up of clutter and for a more organised home.







1. Baskets in the Bathroom - 425801339769739620/

Bathrooms are one room in the home where baskets come in very useful. With a selection of small to large baskets, you can use these on wall-mounted shelves, on a vanity shelf, or mount baskets directly on to walls. Since the main purpose of the baskets is to help corral clutter, you can choose the best baskets for the purpose and ones that will best fit into the space - especially if you have a cramped or small bathroom. And don't forget that the back of a bathroom door can also serve as hanging space for narrow baskets.

Use baskets in a bathroom to organise your towels, store your bathroom essentials, or to keep regularly used items on hand without cluttering up the countertop. - 214835844698240942/



2. Baskets in the Kitchen - 348254983684324967/

You've probably not given much thought to using baskets in the kitchen for better organisation, but plastic or wire baskets and storage bins are fantastic for keeping items together and making it easier for you to find what you need. If you have a small pantry, use baskets to organise like items such as sauces and gravies, baking items, pasta, and so much more. DO look at labelling your baskets or storage containers, as this will add even more convenience and organisation. - 720646377859805034/

Decorative woven or wire baskets can be used to corral clutter or organise open shelves for items that you don't have a place or room for. - Aa3yLxp5bJ8MF56MiDapqCI6RrfH81_3ZSQQxUsuBN0ptdDs0tkaInE/

Hardware stores such as Gelmar offer a range of basket storage drawers - on drawer runners - that can replace conventional drawers and these will add a rustic feel to a kitchen. You can also use woven baskets in a contemporary kitchen to add warmth and texture to the room. - 464926361515070248/







3. Baskets in Living or Family Rooms - 783837510123170650/

As rooms where everyone gathers together to relax, the living room or family room can be overwhelmed with stuff! And by stuff, we mean items that get taken into the room but never put back where they belong. I have a large basket in the lounge that serves as my 'dump'. It's where I put items that got left in the living room and which I then take back where they are supposed to be. I find it helps me clean up the room without having to go backwards and forwards all the time; I simply make sure clutter is put into the dump basket and then walk from room to room to put everything back in place. - 647462883912168379/

4. Baskets for Kids Bedrooms or Playroom - 484770347375731471/

Square, round or rectangular baskets are ideal for organising a nursery or children's bedroom, and you can choose baskets of the right size for whatever items you want to store. Think big baskets for toy storage, smaller baskets for books, and you will find that keeping a nursery or bedroom clean is a breeze. If you find that you are running out of storage, perhaps it's time to go through what you have and de-clutter the room. Toys donated to non-profit organisations are always welcome, as well as pre-schools. - 48343395985133743/

Teaching young children about organisation will set them on a solid path for when they start school. It helps if you can label baskets, either using alphabet or images to show what each basket is used for. If they can put their toys and books away once they're done, they will learn a lot faster about keeping their bedroom clean.



 - 404901822751784012/

5. Baskets for Linen Storage - 502995852128253636/

Linen closets are generally small cupboards tucked between a bathroom and bedroom and usually only give you some shelving to work with. With baskets, you can add better organisation to your linen closet and also be able to store smaller items for easy finding.

Think baskets for pillowcases, pillow slips, napkins and serviettes, or tablecloths. These usually get all mixed up in a linen closet and yet are easily accommodated in baskets. - 228628118571149019/

In South Africa, we are lucky to have small business enterprises where people are taught various life skills, one of which is weaving baskets. You will be able to find a selection of baskets via online search or on websites such as Gumtree or Bid n Buy. Make a list of your storage requirements so that you can buy what you need - or have it made to a specific size. - 728316570967127737/



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