Downsizing to a smaller home

When a family swapped their big house for a modest space, they didn't want to have to make any compromises on their quality of living.


Downsizing can be necessary for many reasons; perhaps the kids have moved out and you're left with an empty house that's just too big, or you're relocating and can't afford a property of the same proportions that you are used to. Whatever the reason for downsizing, you want it to be a smart move that doesn't compromise your quality of life.

For Dana and her family it was a matter of quality over quantity. Their home was just too big and there were rooms that were never used. Now they have a home where every room is loved and lived in - a place where they can concentrate on the things that matter most.

The kitchen is the heart of the home for many, and the space can be pivotal to family life. If it's a space where family and friends gather you'll want to try and find a home that offers enough space and facilities that you don't have to sacrifice on family time.

Dana and her family they spent a lot of time at the kitchen island, whether it's preparing family meals, doing homework on the counter, or folding laundry. With the move they no longer had a dedicated home office, so she created a workstation in the kitchen. This is where she can work on her blog, catch up on emails while preparing meals, or for the kids to use for homework or craft projects.

The family loves to gather in the dining room and this has become the 'everything room'. In this room the kids can take time out to play board games, paint a masterpiece, or gather around the table to chat. There is plenty of storage to make sure the room doesn't become over cluttered.



The key to downsizing successfully is practical furniture and plenty of storage, and if you can find pieces that meet both criteria - even better. In the family bathroom the vanity has deep drawers underneath the sink to provide storage for everyone.

With their two young boys now sharing a bedroom, their request for a hideaway was easily accommodated by adding a curtain around the bed to create a hidden environment for sleep and reading. In both children's bedrooms there is plenty of open and closed storage space to provide a place for everything - all within reach.