Space-saving ideas for any home

Avoid having too much clutter in a home with these easy solutions for keeping stuff organised.


You can reduce clutter and bring a dash of creativity and colour to your craft room or home office with affordable shelving units and storage bins. Colourful storage bins can be stacked up or arranged on shelves to store books, craft essentials, and even stationary for a more organised space.

GOOD TO KNOW: When buying storage bins, make sure they have a lid that allows them to be stacked on top of each other.

Shelving units allow you to stack storage bins vertically to free up floor space, or slide them under tables or desks. You will find a selection of plastic or steel shelving units at your local Builders Warehouse and then all you have to do is assemble and place these where you want them.

When you have lots of clutter, plastic storage bins and baskets are an easy solution for getting stuff organised. You can buy these at stores that specialise in plastic goods, such as West Pack stores in Gauteng. Shop for storage bins that are deep and have snap-on lids that let you fill them up.



GOOD TO KNOW: Buy different colours and dedicate a colour for certain items for even more precise organisation.

The garage is one area where clutter tends to pile up. You can soon get this organised with a few heavy-duty storage bins. You will find these in a variety of styles at your local Builders Warehouse. If items need to be moved regularly, look for bins that have wheels for mobility and handles that make them easier to roll around.