A Home That Stays in Touch with Nature

Modern organic design is the decorating style of the future as we all strive to move away from mass-produced synthetic elements towards those infused with nature.






Transitioning a home from modern to modern organic design does not mean that you must completely overhaul details in the property but rather work with what you have and add organic elements for a cohesive look and feel that combines both modern and modern organic details.





Today's decorating style can be attributed to our addiction to fast food; everything follows the current appetite for the latest trends, furniture needs to be readily available so that it can be taken home immediately, and nobody gives any attention to the ingredients and whether or not they are healthy. Everything is mass-produced, manufactured with little regard to life expectancy and wrapped in synthetic layers that contain so many VOCs that the air you breathe will be toxic for the next 6 months to a year.







Modern organic design places emphasis on the use of sustainable materials for decorating the interior of our homes. It embodies warm colours, comfortable furniture and an emphasis on natural textures to create a welcoming home in harmony with nature - even homes that are situated in city or urban environments.



Fill your home with beautiful wood furniture and accessories alongside textural rugs in natural materials such as sisal and coir and include modern light fixtures.





What is Modern Organic Design?

Whereas modern design focuses on the use of manmade materials, modern organic places emphasis on modern design that incorporates organic textures and materials and a warm or neutral colour palette. Many people tend to stray from modern design because of its attention to sterile, clean lines and almost lack of textural elements while modern organic design is the opposite. It is modern with a comfortable touch and plenty of texture.







How to Decorate with a Modern Organic Ethos

If you are tired of bland textures, synthetic materials and unoriginal design, decorating with natural and organic materials might be just the change you are looking for and you can bring in other design elements if you prefer a more Boho or rustic approach or tone it down for minimalistic interiors.





Combine rustic touches, raw elements, wood furniture and textural accessories to bring together a room that combines the best of both modern and organic design.



Even though the main living areas of this home are filled with organic elements the kitchen still honours a modern design ethos with its sleek cupboards and high-tech appliances and fixtures.





The entire house is a combination of modern design with organic touches here and there. Despite the differences between these two design principles, there is a harmonious flow throughout the home.





The master bedroom is a masterpiece of texture with many organic pieces working together to create a restful room that exudes calm and serenity.









In the main bathroom, you can see how modern and organic designs can flow together. Modern fixtures and fittings are not allowed to dominate the space as the unique wooden bathroom vanity, stone sink and storage baskets take up just as much attention.





The addition of natural textures and organic materials creates an atmosphere that is warm and inviting and perfect for any room in a home. Whatever room you decorate in this style, remember to keep it as natural as possible, and stay true to the principle that less is best.





Transforming your home to incorporate modern organic design doesn't have to happen overnight. As and when furniture needs to be replaced shop around for items that are made using FSC timbers and natural materials rather than manufactured products and synthetic fabrics. Look at how you can bring pieces into a room that are organic rather than high gloss with sharp edges. Think wood or bamboo, cotton, linen, coir and jute and introduce stone, clay and concrete. You can even add a dash of elegance with metallic finishes such as gold, silver, copper, bronze and pewter. And best of all, bring nature indoors with foliage plants and vases filled with fresh flowers.





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