Don't be afraid to introduce colour to a home

South Africans tend to be very cautious about introducing colour into the home. By nature we tend to gravitate towards more traditional styles, but perhaps it's time to step outside your comfort zone and dare to be different.

With all the new advancements in paint technology, there are now paints for almost every surface in the home. Leading paint manufacturers, such as Prominent Paints, have launched VOC free and low VOC paints that are eco-friendly and durable, with a quality range that have a 15-year guarantee.

It has always been said that paint is the most affordable way to transform a home, and with new formulations that allow for repeated cleaning, easy application and almost unlimited colour options, you can transform your home at the cost of one can of paint.


To introduce a new level of excitement into living spaces all you need to do is pop into your local Prominent Paints store and ask for assistance on the best paints for a particular situation. With paints that cover from floor to ceiling, paints specifically for bathrooms and kitchens, and paints that are ultra matt or high gloss, you are sure to find the perfect paint to decorate your home.



Why do I recommend Prominent Paints?

I have personally been using these paints for over 20 years, for both interior and exterior applications, on small and large scale projects. Prominent Paints was the first to offer an exterior paint with a 15-year guarantee. Their range includes primers for all surfaces, paints for decorative effects, damp and waterproofing, wood finishes and high performance coatings.

Don't settle for bland when a single can of paint can transform a room. Today's paints are designed for all surfaces and offer a durable finish that lasts. Not only for walls, you can use paint to add a splash of colour to furniture and trim.

 Having decorated most of my earlier homes in various shades of beige, realising the potential of using bold colour has opened up so many ways to introduce colour that I can no longer live without the excitement of at least one colourful feature wall. Try it - you might like it !

If you prefer to have more control over colour - combine paint, fabrics and decor accessories to refresh living spaces.