DIY way to dress up a plain door

Here's a quick and easy DIY option to dress up a plain interior door. Use pine moulding or trim to add a framed fabric panel to doors. You will find a selection of pine moulding and trim at your local Builders Warehouse, and most fabric stores stock burlap or hessian to add a fabric panel to a door.






Hollow-core interior doors are affordable and cost around R400 at your local Builders Warehouse. But these doors are pretty boring and flat. Adding pine moulding or trim and a fabric panels dresses up a plain door and turns it into an attractive feature.





Sand and paint door

It's easier to sand and paint if you remove the door from it's hinges and put down onto a couple of sawhorses or workbenches. This allows you to do the sides, top and bottom at the same time.



Use an orbital or random orbit sander and 180-grit sanding pads to de-gloss and smooth the existing surface. It's also necessary to sand doors if they are previously painted with oil-based enamel, as is the case in most homes, and you are now applying eco-friendly water-based enamel.



Use wood filler to repair any surface damage and then sand smooth before wiping clean to remove any dust.





Paint the door

You have the choice of using a foam paint roller or Bosch PFS spray system. The latter allows you to apply paint quickly and leaves a professional finish. Use oil- or water-based Plascon Velvaglo for painting the door. This provides a durable finish that is easy to keep clean and takes everyday knocks and bumps.





Attach pine moulding or trim

Use a tape measure and pencil to determine the size of the panels that you want on the door. Lightly mark the front of the door so that you know where the panels will be placed. Cut the pine moulding with a mitre saw or mitre box and backsaw. Lightly sand the cut edges to remove any roughness. Following your marked lines, use Pattex No More Nails adhesive to attach the pine trim to the door. Paint the trim to match the finish on the door.





Attach the fabric panels

Cut the burlap or hessian to fit neatly within the framed panel. Stick onto the door using Bostik or Alcolin spray adhesive. Leave overnight and then apply two coats of clear varnish or acrylic sealer. The varnish seals the surface and makes it easier to clean the door.