5 Tips to an Affordable Family Room Makeover

Giving your living space an affordable makeover will make it an exciting place to spend your relaxing time.




Your family room should be where you find comfort and peace. It should be the place you look forward to getting to after a hard day at work and where your family delight in spending their weekends. It gets monotonous and boring to see the same things over and over every day. As such, it would be good to refurbish your living space now and then to make it an exciting place to spend your relaxing time. Since it would be expensive to keep on replacing or refurbishing the furniture


1. Using a Couch Cover

Your couches are probably the most used furniture in the entire house. It is where you sit and rest after you get home from work, and also where you sit and watch movies. The continued use over time will wear out your covers leaving the couch looking old and ugly. Couch covers can help you to not only keep your couch looking nice and fresh, but are also a good way of diversifying your family room appearance. You can get a variety of beautiful couch covers from Crelo Couch Covers.


2. Rearrange Furniture

Before buying any piece of furniture, consider the size of your room. Maximize the space you have to bring out an alluring outlook. You can then be playing around with furniture placement when you get bored with a particular style. Ensure you have enough space to move around your furniture when you need to have your house looking differently. You can do this every one or two months while also doing a thorough cleaning. It helps keep your family room looking new and fresh since you get an opportunity of wiping off dust in tight corners regularly.


3. Add Artwork to Your Space

You can add some artwork to your space to add on to the beauty of your room. You do not have to invest in any expensive art. You can even use some attractive fabrics that you no longer use as a bed cover to hang on your wall, or add wallpapers. You can get removable wallpapers online at very low prices. You can also make your art at home and design it to your liking.


4. Add Artificial or Life Plant

Depending on your preference, you can add some artificial or live plants. Such make your room seem natural and lively. Life plants require more care since you have to ensure they do not dry up and do not overgrow. With an artificial plant, you just identify a focal location based on the arrangement of your room and place your plant there. You can have a mix of colors for the plants with green being dominant.


5. Paint or WallPaper

Painting your family room or adding wallpaper is among the easiest and cheapest ways you can take to do a makeover on a budget. Paint is super cheap, the same case with wallpapers. You do not need to hire anyone to paint your walls or install the wallpapers as both are simple activities that you can do yourself or with your family.



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