Refresh your home in a weekend

Hard to believe that Spring is not that far away, so we've got some tips on refreshing a home in a weekend.


While it may be too early to start Spring cleaning, there are plenty of budget-friendly ways that you can do now to refresh your home for the warm seasons ahead.

Get rid of clutter

When the doors and windows are closed to keep winter outside the home, we snuggle up in our warm cocoon and tend to become a bit lazy. Before you know it, coffee tables are overflowing with clutter, kitchen countertops are overloaded with stuff that shouldn't be there, and bedrooms are full with winter clothes and blankets.

Getting rid of clutter is an easy process that shouldn't take you more than an hour or two. Simply set up individual boxes of what goes where and then take the boxes to put items where they belong.

If clutter is a way of life more than a seasonal habit, look at how you can add space saving solutions, or dual-purpose furniture to rooms that can store more. That way it will be easy to sort out your rooms - or at least have clutter out of sight.

Give rooms a reshuffle

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to refresh any room in the home is to rearrange items for a new look. It doesn't cost anything to move furniture around and it's also great for giving any room a good clean at the same time.

A quick reshuffle of the layout of your living room can also highlight how the space can be better used.

Rearranging furniture and accessories is a really quick update to welcome in a new season and will leave you feeling as though you’re walking into a brand new space. 

Add subtle changes

When looking a rearranging furniture and accessories you may decide to move from one room to another for something different. Subtle changes like swapping a lamp around, adding an interesting rug, or even adding art to a wall, are just a few ways to completely transform any room and bring it to life in time for a new season. And it is so easy to give dated accessories - and even furniture - a new look with a coat of two of paint.

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