Moving into your First Home

Moving into your first, unfurnished apartment, means that you’re going to need furniture - especially if you've been living at home.


More often than not, you'll have a few pieces of furniture, decorative accessories, and maybe even some appliances handed down from your parents, but there are still going to be things you will need if you want to set up a place that reflects your style and personality. There are a variety of ways to furnish your apartment and still have a great looking place -  without having having to spend a fortune - and we offer some tips for decorating your first home and saving money in the process.

Get DIY savvy

Nowadays you can empower yourself with DIY savvy; from basic skills for using power tools, to making your own furniture. Being able to make a few pieces for your new pad allows you to make your own style of furniture and is an affordable way to introduce your own style and personality.

From browsing the Internet, to signing up for a DIY Divas workshop – today it’s easy to learn the basics of DIY for making your own furniture and decor accessories, as well as being able to do your own minor repairs and fix-ups. And making your own furniture is not as difficult as you may think once you have the basic skills under your belt.



It doesn't take much in the way of skill - if you have a few tools - to be able to craft simple pieces of furniture.



Buy some tools

You don't need that many tools if you want to make basic furniture - just a drill/driver, jigsaw and sander if you have all the timber and board cut to size at Builders or your local timber merchant. With these three tools you can craft custom furniture for all the rooms in your new home.



Here on Home-Dzine, and at our DIY Divas workshops, we use and highly recommend the Bosch range of tools.

Imagine being able to make a coffee table or bookshelf, or kitting out the space with a custom dining table or a unique bed. Start off with a couple of small furniture projects to gain confidence before moving on to larger projects to fill your home with essential pieces. As soon as you realise how affordable and easy it can be to make your own furniture, you’ll be wanting to make a whole lot more.



The Internet gives you access to almost unlimited ideas and tutorials for a wide scope of DIY topics. Learn how to do basic upholstery - combine this with your DIY skills - and make your own upholstered furniture.



Where to find furniture tutorials

Once you have the skills and tools you’re ready to get cracking, and there are hundreds of online sites for ideas for making all types of furniture. On Home-Dzine we offer step-by-step tutorials on a wide selection of furniture and home décor projects, and being a local site means that materials used are readily available and measurements are metric - with instructions that are easy to follow, even for a beginner DIY enthusiast.

Where to source materials

Builders and timber merchants countrwide are able to supply everything you need to start and finish your DIY project. If you prefer to use reclaimed materials, a local online search will bring up plenty of options to choose from. You can choose to make your own furniture using local pine, exotic hardwoods, or pine pallets that you picked up.



Today, with easy access to everything you need, making your own furniture has never been easier.