Breathe New Life into an Old Flat

Moving into an old flat or apartment may require you to put on your thinking cap to turn it into a home.




When living in a rented flat or apartment you don't have to be limited for design options just because your landlord has poor taste in decorating. With a few tips and tricks Keyrenter Arkansas property management Bentonville AR says it's easy to transform a bland flat into a beautiful living space that you can call home.

The only negatives when renting a flat or apartment is that you can't drill into walls or paint walls in your favourite colours, but there are plenty of other ways to add personality, inject colour, and layer living spaces with interest and texture.



Natural Design

One of the easiest ways to bring colour, texture, pattern and interest into a boring space is with interesting houseplants. There are a wide selection of houseplants to choose from and you can choose the ones that work best in your flat; from a sunny spot in the corner of your living room to a dark bathroom, there are plants that will thrive in any conditions. And the great thing about houseplants is that you can take them with you wherever you go.





Layered Texture

Another simple way to layer your living spaces with texture is to use patterned fabrics. Woven fabrics have a chunky, warm texture that immediately fills up a space with personality. Make your own floor cushions with natural fabrics in your choice of pattern and fill them with batting or foam.





When decorating a room that has zero personality, patterned fabrics are your best weapon. You can instantly add vibrant colour and interest to any room in a home with a simple window treatment made with colourful or patterned fabrics. And window treatments are easy to make yourself if you need to fit a specific shape or space.







Patterned Personality

Roman blinds are one of the easiest window treatments to make that add high impact in a room and you can be picky when it comes to selecting the perfect fabric. If you're not good with a sewing machine, you can visit Finishing Touches in your nearest Builders Warehouse and let the experts make Roman blinds or other blinds to fit. They also have a wide selection of ready-made blinds to choose from.





Rugs Add Style

Since painted walls are not on the cards, you can use other elements to keep your rental property on trend. You would be surprised at how adding a colourful or patterned rug will instantly update a room. But don't just settle for any rug - rather invest in a rug that adds something to the space and complements your existing furniture and accessories.



There are some awesome rug designs out there - and plenty to be found online at a reasonably affordable price. Go shopping!





Compromise on Details

While the landlord might not be up for you filling the walls with nails or picture hangers, he/she might be prepared to compromise on letting you install a picture ledge or floating shelf.  With a shelf installed you can create your own wall gallery with far less damage. Alternatively, buy framed artwork or mirrors large enough to be place on the floor to rest on the wall, or buy or make a basic easel to display your artwork.



Art doesn't necessarily have to be hung on a wall, you can position against a wall or purchase an easel to provide a ledge for artwork.





Pieces you Love

Fill your rental home with pieces of furniture you love and accessories that reflect your personality. It's the quirky, restored pieces that say so much about you, so don't be afraid to repurpose or upcycle furniture that catches your eye and would look perfect in your home. Sometimes all it takes is a paintbrush and a tin of paint to transform something old and give it a new life and at least if you can't paint the walls - you can paint your furniture!





Use all your favourite decor accessories to decorate the flat and fill it with personality and charm.