Tips for when Buying a Lounge Suite or Sectional Sofa

When buying a lounge suite or sectional sofa, it is very important to ensure that it is going to fit in the room before you buy.


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I heard a very sad funny story from a friend the other day. She had ordered a very stylish and sophisticated sofa online that she decided was perfect for her living room. I must be honest, on the online furniture shopping site it did look expensive, even though the actual cost was very affordable. So, after a long wait for the sofa to be upholstered in the fabric she requested, the piece was delivered to her home.







I know they say that when something bad happens that it usually happens in three's, and this was no different, it appears. First off, the sofa wouldn't fit through the front door, so the actual door had to be removed. Then the furniture had to be carried upstairs to the formal lounge and on the way up the stairs, they knocked an expensive and large piece of framed (with glass) art off the wall. But the third and last bad happening was the cherry on top of the cake - the sofa wouldn't fit into the space where it was to go. It was far too large.


Now I previously mentioned that this was a sad funny story, which was only due to the fact that my friend was laughing hysterically while telling me all this. Thankfully, and very lucky indeed, the company agreed to have the sofa returned and credited, which I found amazing since not many companies would do that. Anyways... the moral of this story is to measure twice before you buy!




Measuring Up

Shopping online has numerous benefits; you don't have to walk or drive from store to store to see what's on offer, you know when an item is in stock, and you sometimes have the option to have the piece upholstered in a specific fabric. But too many people tend to overlook the 'specifications' tab where you can find the dimensions of the piece of furniture you are interested in buying, and this is probably just as important - if not more, than anything else.


When ordering a sofa with built-in recliners, it's easy to forget that these pieces are bulky, chunky and heavy!


- Measure the space where the piece will be placed

First off, make sure that the sofa or sectional you are interested will fit nicely into the room. Make allowance for any windows or doors, or possibly even plug points and light switches. Once the sofa is in place it's not going to fit in with your decor plans if you have to move it somewhere else.







Before signing on the dotted line or forking over the cash, make sure the furniture you are buying will fit through the door!


- Make sure it can be transported to its final destination

Once you know the exact dimensions of the sofa or sectional, make sure it can be delivered and transported to the room where it will be placed. This means measuring doorways, and in this particular instance, being able to get it upstairs. If your staircase has twists or turns, it is going to be even more difficult to move around. If it is too large or cumbersome to fit through the front door, consider any alternative doors such as French doors or sliding doors.


Leather and solid wood furniture are known for being bulky and heavy - measure twice to ensure it can fit through doors, up stairs, and in the right space.



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