Decorate the Wall above a Long Sofa or Couch

Decorating the wall above a long sofa or couch can be a difficult one if you're not clued up on interior design, but there are plenty of ways to fill up this blank space and we share some great ideas with you.


There are plenty of us that don't have a degree in interior design (myself included), and even more that don't have a clue where to start when it comes to decorating, but there are plenty of online sources you can go to to find the information you're looking for.

If you have a long sofa or couch in the living, family room or den, filling the space above this can be a daunting decision. You know you want something to fill up the blank wall, but just aren't sure what would work or how it would look. For this reason, we decided to put together some easy solutions for filling up that wall, and you get to choose which one works best for you.

Whether you are savvy with power tools, love trying something different, or wouldn't know one end of a screwdriver from the other, there's bound to be something here that you can make, upcycle or fix, or buy that will solve the solution.







Artistic Display

The most obvious solution for filling up a large surface area behind a sofa would be a piece of artwork. That's fine and well if you can afford to go out and spend anywhere from R2000 upwards, and that's for an unknown artist. Of course, if you have someone in your family that's handy with a paintbrush, you could always beg and plead with them to make up a unique piece of art for you, and it won't cost anywhere near as much.

Having said that, there is another solution, and it's one that won't cost that much if you're prepared to put a bit of time and effort into the project.


An interesting wall gallery can consist of framed photographs, personal images, mirrors and clocks. It's not just about framed photos or images on a wall, it's about making an interesting gallery that looks good and creates a nice feature. - 774900679620207048/

An informal wall gallery sets up an interesting feature or focal point above a sofa and can contain a variety of items that create the whole. Think old frames stuck in a cupboard for later use or found at a local secondhand shop, classic movie memorabilia, whether replicated or the genuine article. It might not seem like much as you start to collect them, but once you put them all together you will realise what a difference they can make on a blank wall.

When setting out ideas for your wall gallery, don't only go for rectangles and squares, by throwing something oval or circular into the mix you add a lot more interest. - 384002305720014296/

While I'm not a huge fan of a collection of plates on a wall, who is to say there isn't someone out there who loves the idea. And I will be honest and admit that hanging your collection of whatever on the wall above a long couch does add a quirky and personal display. - 222717144059942256/

Add a Sofa Console Table

If you are renting your home or would prefer not to damage walls and still want an interesting display to fill up a way behind a long sofa or couch, there is the option of making a sofa console table to fit behind the furniture. This narrow version of a console table is ideal for behind a couch, as it takes up very little space and provides a surface that can be used to display artwork or add decorative accessories.

What's nice about a sofa console table is that you can quite easily knock this up in a day using PAR pine that you can buy at any Builders Warehouse and then stain or paint so that it fits in nicely with your room decor.







Use a narrow sofa table to set up a display of decor accessories to fill up a blank space behind and above a long sofa or couch.

Make sure to build a sofa console table that sits at the same height as the back of your sofa or couch. That way, it can become a handy piece of furniture to show off a pair of table lamps - great for light if you like to lie back and read on your sofa.

Install a Floating Shelf

Shelves are handy everywhere in a home, but even more so behind a long sofa or couch in a living room. Mounting a shelf on the wall above your sofa lets you add interesting decor or some of your favourite accessories as finishing touches to the room and also provide additional interest to the blank wall above the couch.

Installing a floating shelf is an easy DIY project you can do in a morning with all the tools and materials you need available at your local Builders. Plus, you get to choose the material and finish for the floating shelf to complement the existing room decor. - 460985711860311756/?nic_v1=1aNG6DGZ2nURNmhgT%2FG5o2%2BN15GH%2FQMBWUNfOVzzShl9rv%2BFHx%2FmdWDLf2zBka3skH



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