Choose the perfect sofa

The guys at Block and Chisel offer advice on how to choose the right sofa for your living room.


Adding comfort and style to living rooms, the humble sofa has evolved from its original hard, straw-filled design to become one of the most important pieces of furniture you can own. The guys at Block and Chisel give us advise on choosing the right sofa for your living room, with a look at the history of this essential piece of furniture.

Camel Back Sofa

Designed in the 18th Century by renowned artist, Thomas Chippendale, and commonly known as the Camel Back Sofa (due to its hump shape across the back), this design was one of the first sofas to be fully upholstered all round. Still replicated today, although with more modern styling, this classic sofa offers elegance and comfort in one. Block and Chisel offer a selection of colourful options and neutral hues, for a modern lift on this timeless classic.



Cambridge Sofa

The Cambridge Sofa draws its inspiration from the Chesterfield Sofa, a traditional-style sofa popular during the 20th Century, particularly in England. The only difference is that, while the Chesterfield is a tad more curvaceous, the Cambridge offers a silhouette that is streamlined and glamorous. This style is perfection in contemporary and modern living rooms, but also looks stunning in a home with traditional elements.

The tufted design features deep button details that is a definite reflection of its historical origins. New technology allowed furniture makers an opportunity to hold the stuffing in place using buttons - giving them more freedom to create a wide range of upholstered designs.

Savoy Sofa

Reminiscent of 70s American styling, the Savoy features low armrests and a wide seating area. This style is a move towards more comfort with emphasis on casual. The minimalist design allow this piece of furniture to be adaptable and able to fit into a more relaxed living room. As with all the pieces offered by Block and Chisel, the Savoy is available in a range of vibrant and bold colours.