Get your outdoors ready for summer

Temperatures are rising and South Africans are spending more time outdoors in the garden - is yours ready for the summer?


west elm

An outdoor area or living space is a must-have for South Africans, even if it's only a small balcony. As a nation, we love getting outdoors to fire up the braai and entertain family and friends. Make sure your outdoor living spaces are up to the task with these top tips for summer living.

Comfortable Seating

When you're setting up an outdoor space for spending more time outdoor in the garden, on the deck or patio, the first item on your list will be suitable furniture. You should shop for all-weather furniture that is easy to maintain yet still looks good and provides a comfortable place to sit back and relax.

Most outdoor furniture comes in a single colour and you can use cushions and accessories to add pops of colour. You may also want to finish off your outdoor seating area with a patterned or colourful rug. When shopping for a rug do select one that is suitable for outdoor use.

Set The Outdoor Table

If you love setting up the braai to entertain on a regular basis, make sure your outdoor dining table is set for success. Whether you dine outdoors with family or invite a few friends around for the day, you can serve up in style with low-maintenance melamine place settings that won't chip or break and are easy to clean. Most home decor stores have a variety of offerings in plain colours or patterned designs, so dress up the table for any occasion.



Pretty Up A Patio

It's so easy to add colourful plants or foliage to a bare patio or deck. Buy attractive containers in different heights and styles that can be filled with assorted plants that are suitable for the setting. If you're not sure what plants will work best, ask your local garden centre or plant nursery for advice.

Amp Up The Ambiance

Evenings are the best in summer, with cool breezes that refresh after the heat of the day. Make evenings outdoors even more special with outdoor lighting. A cluster of candle lit lanterns will up the ambiance and provide a soft glow to your seating or dining area.

Accessorize Your Entertaining

If you have an outdoor bar or like to party outdoors, make sure to glam up your events with the right accessories. Metallic finishes are trendy at the moment and you will find a selection of copper or stainless steel bar accessories at home decor stores.