Cool Home for a Hot Climate

Temperatures are rising and if this is the future it makes a lot of sense to decorate a cool home that is perfect for a hot climate.


Once again we should prepare for a hot summer if the rising temperatures are anything to go by. Last year we were bombarded with countrywide heat waves, and many took shelter in the swimming pool or behind closed doors with the air conditioner set on high. But perhaps we should look at how we decorate our homes - to reflect an atmosphere or cool and calm.

Indoors and outdoors, the beautiful home shown here is decorated with the hot climate in mind; with its white walls and light furniture, the home is filled with organic touches and cool breezes that flow through the rooms. We should take some inspiration from homes in areas with a hot climate and replicate some of these ideas in our own homes.





In many countries around the globe, homeowners are taking more interest in Passive design. This is a design strategy that takes full advantage of local climate to maintain a comfortable environment. As an example, passive solar design harnesses solar power to put this energy to good use in heating and cooling a home. While not everyone can afford to design and build a home that considers Passive design, there are more simple tricks to consider...

Keep it Light for Fresh Interiors

Using white as the main colour for walls, trim and ceiling creates a spacious atmosphere that is refreshed by the addition of cool blue and muted green hues. Painting a home with white not only opens up the rooms in a home, it is also bright and clean, which in itself makes you feel cool and fresh.


There is a good reason why coastal and beach homes are decorated in these colours and it is mostly due to the fact that these colours are so refreshing and reminiscent of cool ocean breezes.

Organic Touches and Natural Fabrics

When looking to keep the temperature down in the home, look to organic and natural fabrics and textures. Coir, sea grass or mats and rugs of natural fibres go a long way towards keeping the heat at bay and are a far greener alternative than synthetic options. Cotton and linen have been the mainstay fabrics in hot climates for thousands of years and have more than proven their worth.





Plants are Natural Air Fresheners

Indoors and outdoors on a patio, deck or balcony, let nature keep the temperature down with a lush planting of greenery. Large overhanging palms or small trees and shrubs with overhanging branches will provide a shady retreat from the heat and help cool down indoor rooms and outdoor spaces.

 Outdoor seating or dining spaces are another area where organic materials can be used to best advantage.

Cool Breezes and Shady Alcoves

Take respite from the afternoon heat on a shady balcony that offers a comfortable place to sit and gather the family together. By positioning your outdoor seating or dining area you can take full advantage of shade and wind factor.

If you are looking for ways to prepare your home for the hot summer ahead, look at how you can bring about changes that will help make your home feel cooler. How you can refresh with paint, fabric and accessories that will create an atmosphere of relaxation - no matter what the temperature.




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