Refresh your Living Spaces without Spending a Cent!

It will not be long before we head indoors for winter and now is a great time to refresh your living spaces ahead of time.






We spend so much of our summer days with the windows and doors open to let in cool breezes that we forget how we lock ourselves inside when the cooler weather starts to head our way. I don't enjoy winter and the cold weather that accompanies those months of the year when locked inside to keep warm. What I dislike more than anything is being locked up and not being able to do anything, so this year I thought it might be interesting to look at how we can refresh our home for the colder months and still enjoy a beautiful home without feeling claustrophobic.




Here are 4 ways to refresh your home in preparation for the colder months heading our way:



1. Re-arrange Your Living Spaces

When you live in the same rooms day in and day out, they soon become stale and boring. The same furniture in the same arrangement day after day. Taking the time to empty out rooms one by one and sort through what's in the room will provide you with a fresh outlook on how to give any room life without even spending a cent.







Moving around furniture in a room gives the space a fresh look and revitalised appeal.





Stand in the room and take stock of what is in there. Each room will obviously be defined by its purpose but that doesn't mean it has to be static and feel relief with a bit of moving around. Even moving around a seating arrangement can positively affect how a room looks and feel, and arranging the room to be warm and comfy for the colder months of the year will work out better for everyone.



Bedrooms are not as easy to move around if the space is limited but there are still ways to refresh the room, even if you can't see it. Flipping the mattress is easy enough and your body will appreciate the effort since you will be spending more time in the bedroom when the temperature drops.



Refresh textiles such as rugs and curtains in preparation for winter so that they are clean and fresh smelling.





It's the little things that you can do in a room that makes all the difference. You might not see any changes but you will know they are there and feel better for it.







Try to avoid having too many things in a room. The more space you have the more relaxed you will feel.




2. Clean Out The Crap

I'm being blunt here but let's be honest, every room has stuff that doesn't belong there or that takes up space making a room feel overfull and stuffy. Tie this step in with re-arranging furniture and removing items that don't bring you joy. A dead houseplant isn't going to revive itself and an arrangement of dried flowers is doing nothing but collecting dust, so think about how the room would look without so much clutter.





3. Refresh Textiles and Upholstery

Rugs and mats are an integral part of decor but they become dull and faded over time. Before the cold weather sets in, have these professionally cleaned and ready to warm up your home while giving rooms a fresh dose of colour and pattern. Treat curtains and window treatments the same way. We usually refresh our homes in the spring but we should also refresh for our winter hibernation so that our living spaces don't feel drab and dusty.



Toss out the faded knick-knacks and dust off the houseplants for living rooms that are ready for the winter ahead.




4. Rotate Your Decor Accessories

If you do nothing else in a room, moving around the decorative accessories will revive interest and give the eyes something different to look at. Family photographs shouldn't be left to collect dust on a shelf when they could be occupying prime placement on a wall. Perhaps you have decor accessories in other rooms that can be swapped and moved around different rooms for a new look.






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