Bring the Warmth of Wood into Your Home

Solid wood furniture has always been an integral element of interior design, but wood has become more than just furniture as you will see below.







Wood is a beautiful material that is given to us by Mother Nature and, when sustainably harvested, we should make use of this organic material as much as possible, especially when decorating our homes with the environment in mind. Wood in its natural form does not contain any VOCs and will not pollute the air inside a home, but there are many more beneficial reasons to bring the warmth of wood into your home. In this article, we show how you can incorporate more organic elements when decorating a house, materials that impart a natural look, let you breathe untainted air and bring warmth and texture to living spaces.




Wood furniture has always been an expensive purchase and sometimes even over-priced. When you look at the cost of this raw material as opposed to the pricing of finished pieces, you have to wonder why these items are so expensive when the material is not. If you want to have wood furniture or decor in your home, consider the option of making your own furniture.






The Beauty of Natural Wood

Wood furniture, accessories and fittings have been an integral element in interior design for thousands of years. Solid wood furniture still exists that is hundreds of years old and still has beautiful lines and an aged patina that only adds to its natural beauty. Not only a valuable investment that can be handed down for generations, when cared for, but wood is also a sustainable choice compared to manufactured and synthetic materials. While wood furniture pieces have become an expensive commodity, particularly furniture manufactured in hardwoods, there still exist many sustainable wood species that the DIY enthusiast has access to for making furniture, decor, and accessories. 






Hone your DIY skills and stock up on a couple of power tools that will let you get crafty with DIY to make assorted wooden furniture and decor for your home. Small things such as picture frames and shelves are easy to make, even for a beginner DIY enthusiast, or shop online or at your local home decor stores for bargains.






Sustainably Farmed Wood Species

Due to the dwindling of natural resources, trees and forests are our heritage and one that shouldn't be wasted. This is where sustainable timber sources are important. These responsibly planted and harvested forests ensure that we have access to wood species that are renowned for their beauty, longevity, and ease of working with. When you are purchase any piece of readymade wood furniture or purchase wood from a timber merchant or hardware store, make sure to check that it is from a reputable source.







Wood is a natural antibacterial which makes it excellent for a variety of kitchen fittings, fittings, and accessories. Wood or butcher block countertops are expensive, but you can easily make your own with a few tools. Check out our Kitchen Projects and Home Improvement sections for project ideas.






Adding warmth to a room isn't just about wood, it is also about using all-natural elements that Mother Nature provides for free. Nowadays, there are video tutorials everywhere that explain all types of crafts. Even if you don't have the time there is always the possibility of finding what you like online, just be careful where you buy from.






Wood at your Fingertips

Even in the 21st century, wood is favoured even more than ever before. As a natural and sustainable material, more people are looking at incorporating wood elements, furniture and decor that is made from solid wood or veneered boards. The reason for this is simple, wood is a natural resource and can be utilised in so many ways. It is solid yet flexible, hard and still soft, dark or light, and can be worked into all types of shapes and sizes.







Adopt the mindset of looking at furniture you want to buy and calculating how much it would cost to make it yourself. Most projects look difficult at first but when you look carefully and break them down into components, nothing is that hard!



Reclaimed wood pallets have become increasingly popular for making a variety of different furniture pieces, including furniture for outdoors. Usually made from pine, if you are unable to source pallets visit your local Builders store to see a selection of rough, untreated pine that is more affordable than PAR pine for making furniture.






Wooden Furniture

Wood furniture has always played an important role when building and decorating a home. It is used during the construction for items such as roof timbers, doors, and windows and for outdoors for fences, decking and furniture. Over the last decade, as we look at using sustainable and eco-friendly materials in our homes, wood has taken on a revival with a few modifications. Gone is the heavily detailed decoration to be replaced by clean lines and the appeal of dark wood has morphed into lighter hues that no longer make a room feel dark but bring light into a room.



Wood can complement any style of home decor from modern contemporary to bohemian chic and feature more prominently in our homes today. How you bring the warmth of wood into your home depends on your personality and style ethic.





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