The Most Effective Ways to Brighten a Dark Room

Dark rooms can affect your mood and can make it hard to feel alert, to be creative or productive, and even to get to sleep but what can be done to brighten a dark room?




Most of us have, at some point, lived in a home with a dark room. You might even have had a house that’s felt dark and gloomy throughout. Sometimes, this is due to style and décor choices. We’ve moved into homes where the previous occupier has chosen a cozy or romantic look, which has left the rooms feeling small, musty, and perhaps even sad. On other occasions, the rooms in our home feel dark and dull because they are small or in a position within the home that means that they don’t get much access to natural sunlight during the day.

If rooms are dull because of the décor choices, then it’s typically easy enough to brighten them up with a fresh coat of paint and a change of furniture and soft furnishings. But you may be surprised that some of these more straightforward changes won’t just work in darkly decorated rooms; they could also be the best ways to brighten up and cheer up smaller rooms, and those rooms that face away from the sun during daylight hours.


What Are the Benefits of Brighter Rooms?

Dark rooms can certainly be atmospheric. They can be cozy, warm, and romantic, and if that’s what you are aiming for, embrace the darkness. But they can also be dull, uninspiring, and boring. Dark rooms can affect your mood. They can make it hard to feel alert, to be creative or productive, and even to get to sleep. A lack of natural light can, over time, start to affect your physical and mental health as well as your mood.

Brighter rooms, even when they are small, can be the opposite. They can inspire creativity and calm. They can help you to feel alert, to work more productively, and even to get a good night’s sleep. Bright rooms feel more abundant, cleaner, and the air in them can feel fresher and healthier. So, let’s take a look at some of the most effective ways to brighten up those dark, dull rooms.


Maximize Natural Light

Artificial lights are fantastic, but they are no replacement for natural light when it comes to creating light, bright and airy rooms. If at all possible, larger replacement windows from a company like American Vision Windows can let more light into your rooms, creating a healthier space. American Vision Windows offer the best windows and doors, which are fully customizable to your home and specific needs. A new window installation can be an expense, but they are well worth it when it comes to maximizing natural light in your home.

If new windows or larger windows aren’t an option, even deep cleaning yours, and tying curtains back away from the frames can make a big difference.


Utilize Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to give the appearance of a larger space and to maximize light, but their position is essential. Place larger mirrors near to, or opposite light sources for the best effects.


Get Creative with Lighting

Lamps, lanterns, candles, and fairy lights give you options when it comes to ambiance and help you to brighten your rooms without overdoing the luminosity.

If you can, aim standing lamps at the ceiling or towards other light sources to avoid shadows, which could make your room feel smaller.


Choose Colors Carefully

You’ve probably heard that white is your best friend when it comes to opening up a small room. Of course, there’s no better color when trying to make a room feel brighter. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t use other colors at all.

Keep your main walls white, and opt for light furniture, especially for your larger pieces. Light gray or beige curtains highlight your windows, without drawing attention away from the light, and lighter floors can quickly brighten a room.

If you want to add more color, do it with your accessories and soft furnishings, but generally opt for light, bright colors, and keep darker shades to accents that complement other pieces.


Avoid Heavy Fabrics

Heavy fabrics, such as velvet curtains, shaggy rugs, and thick carpets, are comforting and cozy. In a substantial room, they add depth and texture. In a tiny room or a dark area, they take up too much space and can be overpowering. Instead, opt for low pile rugs, silks, satins, and soft linens.


Get Cleaning

If you’ve got a dark room, the last thing that you want is dirt and clutter. Spend time on a big spring-clean, decluttering, and adding smart storage to help you to create a more minimalist look.

Dark rooms can be overpowering and even depressing. If your rooms are dull because of their size, you may feel as though your options are limited. You might worry that you can’t do too much with accessories of soft furnishings, or that your smaller rooms are always destined to be plain and boring. This isn’t the case. You can absolutely still be creative and show your personality and taste through your décor choices. You might just have to be a little more careful with color and positioning.
Hopefully, these tips will help you to create a light, bright, and inspiring home.



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