The Art Of Wood Burning Or Shou Sugi Ban

When you are designing a piece of furniture or decor project and want to add something different to the finish, give some thought to the traditional art of wood burning or Shou Sugi Ban.

So Many Ways To Use A Tork Craft Mini Rotary Tool

The Tork Craft Mini Rotary Tool is one of those versatile tools that can be used in so many ways, whether you want to use it for crafting, as a way to bring in extra income or to do repairs and maintenance in and around the home.

Make Or Buy A Makeup Organiser or Makeup Station

If your makeup is all over the place and needs organising, below are just a few ideas that show you how to DIY a makeup organiser or buy a makeup station locally in South Africa.


DIY Concrete Planter Box

With little to choose from in stores, this project shows how to make a stunning concrete flower box or container for the garden, patio or deck.


Easy Macramé Framed Mirror

Here's a gift you can make that will make a family member or friend very happy and this macramé-framed mirror shouldn't cost much and is easy to make.


How to Use Sand as a Mould for Concrete Projects

There are some projects where you simply cannot make a mould for concrete projects, particularly when they have an irregular shape or consist of a circle or curves and this is where using sand makes a huge difference.


Make a Starfish Mobile Wall Hanger

Collect driftwood from the beach on your next holiday to make this decorative starfish wall hanger.

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Make Decorative Shelves Using Cardboard

Decorative cardboard shelves are easy to make and a great way of using any cardboard boxes you have at home.


How Easy is it to Paint on Fabric?

If you know the trick to painting on plain fabric, you have the ability to design fabrics such as tablecloths, napkins, and other textiles, to complement your home decor.


Wanting to try a New Hobby? You will love Macramé

Even though craft trends come and go, one craft that pops up every so often over the years is macramé and it is still just as popular in 2023 as it was over a thousand years ago.


Crafty Ways to Use Bubble Wrap In and Around the Home

Bubble wrap is an overlooked yet practical for so many uses in the home, from insulating a home in several ways to helping you be comfortable. Read on for some great ideas.

Make a Contemporary Coffee Table for Very Little Cost

I love finding DIY projects that cost very little to do and provide a piece of furniture that looks stunning in the home, like this contemporary coffee table.

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Make a Side Table in Under an Hour!

Looking for a quick way to add a side table or two to your living room? You can make this charming side table in under an hour!

How to Use Paint and Stencils to Give any Room a New Look

Forget about the hassle and mess of wallpaper and rather think how easy it is to use paint and stencils on a wall to give any room a new look.


Turn Old Bowls, Glasses, and Vases into Decorative Holders

Recycling items that you no longer use is a wonderful way to try something new and these decorative holders can be used indoors or outdoors and are easy to make in an hour or so.

Refresh Dated or Second-hand Furniture

Follow the helpful tips and advice below to revive and refresh dated or second-hand furniture.

How to Make Simple Curtains Using a Bed Sheet

It's nice to know that you can still make affordable yet stylish curtains for a home using bed sheets.

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How to Make a Floating Picture Frame

Framing artwork has never been easier if you learn how to make a floating wooden frame similar to the ones shown here.

Make a Decorative Mirror for over your Festive Bar Trolley

The festive season is all about celebration and in this project, you can make this glam decorative mirror to hang above your bar cart for a dash of glitz this Christmas.

DIY Solution for a Mobile Room Divider or Partition Wall

Closing off an area in an open-plan home with a mobile room divider or freestanding partition wall are an easy and DIY solution using board products or brick and mortar.


Make a Decorative Light Feature with PVC Pipe

This easy project will show you how to make a PVC pipe light feature that will be an accent piece in any room and provide ambient lighting.


DIY Wood Frame Wall-Mounted Plant Hangers

When you have a blank wall, adding a wall-mounted display brings the wall to life and these wood frame plant hangers will add interest and bring a touch of nature indoors.

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Make a Coffee or Side Table with PVC Pipe

Pop into Builders and buy a couple of lengths of PVC to make a coffee table or side table for the living room.


Plaster of Paris Votive or Candle Holder

Plaster of Paris is an inexpensive material to use for making a wide range of home decor accessories for a home, like this votive or candle holder.


How Cement Can Help Spruce Up Your Home

With a little bit of elbow grease, creative flair, and a few dollops of Builders Cement, you can turn your home into a crafter’s paradise.


DIY Battery Operated LED Light Fitting with Remote Function

Beat loadshedding by making a DIY battery-operated LED light fitting for a home with remote function for switching on and off and no wiring necessary.

Concrete Crafts for the Home and Garden

A 50kg bag of cement costs under R100 and there are so many concrete crafts ideas that you can make with a single bag.

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How to use Decoupage for Insta-Worthy Furniture

Decoupage is the art of adding patterned or pretty paper onto all types of surfaces, particularly furniture and decor accessories, for a unique finishing touch to furniture projects.

A Circular Table with Pine or Meranti Dowels

Furniture and accessories with curves bring a softness into any room and now you can make an inexpensive circular table with a few scraps of wood and some pine or meranti dowels.

Craft and Decor Ideas using Glitter

I must admit to a love of everything that glitters or shines and although Christmas is done there are plenty of other uses for glitter.

How to Make these Gorgeous Cement Pots

All you need a white cement and a few supplies to make these gorgeous shimmering pots that you can use for storage or decoration.

Craft Sculptural Flower Pots with Cement

An affordable way to create sculptural elements for your garden, deck or patio is to use cement and an old towel.

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Great Pegboard Storage Idea for Craft Room

Making your own pegboard gives you plenty of storage options for any room in a home but this one is perfect for a craft or hobby room.

How To Start Doing Your Own Upholstery

We receive a lot of enquiries for upholstery workshops and there are a lot of people wanting to do upholstery projects but don't know where to start, so here's how.

Make Painted Rock Art

Painted rock or pebble art has become a global trend, and crafters have fun collecting rocks and pebbles to paint their own colourful designs onto them.


Use Cardboard to Make Decor Accessories for your Home

This stunning shabby-chic style clock is made using cardboard and coated with chalk paint... who would have thought?


Gold Leaf to Decorate Decor Accessories

There are plenty of ways to use gold or silver leaf on decor accessories and it's an inexpensive way to glam up the home.

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How To Make A Macramé Hanging Hammock Chair

Hanging basket chairs are popular for good reason - they are comfortable and relaxing and it is so easy to make a macramé hanging hammock chair... Here's how:

Make Air Dry - Jovi or Das - Clay Bowls

Here's a fun way to use Jovi or Das air dry clay to make decorative bowls.

Quick Project: Makeover with Marble Contact Paper

Contact paper with a marble-effect is a quick and easy way to transform so many items with a new and elegant look.


Decorate Furniture With Copper, Gold Or Silver Leaf

Using copper-gold or silver leaf on furniture is a fun way to bring shimmer and glam to ordinary furniture - on a budget.

Quick Project: How To Make A Panel Door

Making designer panel doors is just one of the easy ways to update a home without spending too much money.

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Quick Project: Make An Easy and Stylish Wall Shelf

An easy DIY wall shelf is perfect for decorative storage in a living room, family room or even a home office - plus it's simple to make and you don't need a pegboard for this one.

Make A PVC Pipe Planter

This pretty planter is made using a U-Bend PVC pipe that you can purchase at your local Builders store.

Make Cement Flower Vases

Being able to make cement flower vases for yourself lets you choose your own colour and style for the finish.

How To Make Cement Plant Pots

Here's a fun and inexpensive way to make custom cement plant pots with almost any decorative design.

Make Pretty Basket Planters

Add a bit of texture and interest to a display of plants with these pretty woven baskets that you can make in an hour.

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Make A Diffuser For Aromatherapy Oils

Why pay a fortune for an air freshener when you can make a diffuser and use your own selection of aromatherapy oils to fill your home with scents.

Make a Modern Clock with Reclaimed Wood and Copper Accents

Whether you make for yourself or to give as a gift, this modern clock will take pride of place in any home with its reclaimed wood charm and copper accent.

Concrete Crafts to Keep You Busy

If you are going to have some spare time on your hands during the holidays, here are some concrete crafts to keep you busy.

Crafty Vases to Display Freshly Cut Flowers

Every home should have at least one vase for displaying fresh flowers or gift bouquets but there are plenty of other crafty ideas for a vase or two for the home.

Set Up a Crafts or Hobby Room for the Entire Family

The lockdown brought about a lot of changes, one of which is where the family can get together and do crafts or hobbies, but you will need a dedicated space or room to do this.

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Organic Mirror Frames with Rattan, Raffia, Jute, or Cane

Organic materials like rattan, raffia, jute or cane are perfect for crafting accessories such as a mirror frame, as shown in this feature.

How To Make A Luxurious Pom-Pom Rug

Pom-Pom rugs are incredibly easy to make and once you have made one pom-pom rug you will want to make many more.

Bring The Outdoors Indoors With This Terrarium Coffee Table

When you live in a townhouse, apartment or flat without a garden, you can bring the outdoors indoors with this terrarium coffee table - a mini garden in your home!

Can't Find Fabric Dye? Use Food Colouring Instead!

Finding fabric dye is like a mission impossible, but you can substitute with food colouring instead for your tie-dye projects.

Quick Project: Decorative Yarn Wall Hanging

You only need a ball of yarn and a few accessories to make this decorative wall hanging to add interest to any room.

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10 Easy DIY Projects you can do in a Weekend

If you are still feeling down and need a pick-me-up, try one or more of these easy DIY weekend projects for the home.

Use Air-Dry Clay to make Decorative Clay Vases

Air-dry clay is inexpensive, easy to work with and you can use it to make a variety of decor accessories, including these decorative vases.

How To Revamp Furniture The Easy Way!

When you want to revamp furniture, give it a new look or a makeover, you don't want to spend hours, days or weeks doing it, and that's why chalk paint is so popular.


Make a Macramé Coaster and then a Macramé Rug

Start your macramé crafts with a small coaster and then use your newfound skill to make a macramé rug.


Making Dried Flower Arrangements

Not exactly a new trend, dried flower arrangements are making a comeback and they look anything but dried out when you see the colourful dried blooms that are appearing on social media sites.

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Crafting with Aluminum and Copper Foils

As one of my favourite crafts, using aluminium foil is a wonderful way to add metallic accents to decorative accessories, scrapbooks, and for recycling cardboard boxes and glass bottles into unique accent pieces.


Most Affordable Mini Tool and Accessories for Crafts and Hobbies

If you are interested in any crafts or hobbies that involve engraving, carving, grinding or sharpening, you will be pleased that Tork Craft has launched a new addition to their Mini Rotary Tool collection.


How to Add Furniture to your Home on a Budget

If you are decorating your first apartment, or perhaps going on your own, here are some affordable ways to decorate your new home.


Basic Macramé Plant Hanger

Macramé plant hangers are great for hanging plants and this basic macramé plant hanger is very easy to make.


Cladding a Wall for Decorative Feature

Wood adds a warm element to any room and this decorative plywood-clad feature wall looks great and brings warmth to a room.

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Create your own Custom Fabrics the easy way!

Transferring a printed image onto fabric is an easy and excellent way to go about creating your own custom fabrics, and there are a number of ways you can transfer images onto fabric.


How to make Circular Floor Rugs for your Home

We still have some way to go before the lockdown ends, so I have been on the lookout for crafts and projects you can do to fill the time - but also items that you can use in the home, like circular floor rugs to keep you warm during winter.



How to Make an Upholstered and Tufted Ottoman

An upholstered ottoman is a great addition to a room that needs extra storage, and a tufted ottoman adds a touch of elegance to a room.


Making your own epoxy resin table with wood

In this article we feature a tutorial on how to create a stunning epoxy resin river table from


Create a Photo Book for Lasting Memories

What better way to create lasting memories than with a photo book that lets you keep memories close to your heart or share them with family and friends.

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Creative Ways to Get Crafty in 2020

Looking for new ways to fill extra time? Or perhaps you want to make a bit of extra money on the side? Here are just a few creative ways to get crafty in 2020.


Make concrete bowls for your pets

These concrete bowls are ideal for pets - cats or dogs - and you can make a food and water bowl using the same method.


Quick Project: Copper planter

Add some shimmering copper to your plant arrangement with these easy plant stands made using pine dowels and copper fittings.


Quick Project: Copper candle holder

This pretty and practical copper candle holder will only take about 10 minutes to make and looks wonderful on a table.


Make an Upholstered Ottoman or Footstool

Having previously featured work by Eudes Oliveira, I had to share this easy upholstered ottoman / footstool that was recently completed.

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Stylish table with pine half-rounds

This stylish table is made using a cardboard tube, pine half-rounds and your choice of top.


How to make a unique Wooden Fruit Holder

Make this unique wooden fruit holder to add the perfect finishing touch to your dining table or kitchen countertop.


Recycled tyre turns into Pom Pom Stool

Add a fun element to your living space with this pom pom stool made from an old tyre and colourful pom poms.


Craft Ideas using Macramé

Macramé is one of those crafts that seems to come back in fashion every few years and it's a fun way to craft your own home accessories.


Modern Weave Stool Design

Make a modern stool using pine or meranti dowels and finish off with a unique seat design woven using nylon twine or sisal rope.

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Craft Ideas with Craft Foam Sheets

Craft foam sheets are available at most craft and hobby stores and sold in sheets that can be used for stamping projects or making your own flowers.

Snuggle Up to Faux Fur when it gets Chilly

Faux fur is back in style, and you can use faux fur in a variety of ways to bring warmth to a home when it gets chilly.

Quick Project

This small project lets you make some modern hex shelves for a wall display using offcuts.


Make your own Floating Wall Art

A versatile and trendy material, acrylic (or Perspex) sheet is a reasonably affordable material that you can use to frame your own wall art or to create a wall gallery.


Fall in love with Pratley Kraftex this month

What better way to show your appreciation this month of love than by making a hand-made gift.

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Everlasting Plaster-Dipped Flowers

Dress up containers with your own beautiful plaster-dipped flowers for an everlasting display.


Hand painted Upholstered Bench Seat

Make this easy Upholstered Bench with hairpin legs and wrap it in your own hand painted fabric.


Get Crafty with Doilies

Doilies are easy to make and fun to craft with, and you can use doilies for a variety of household projects and practical decor accessories.


3 Quick and Easy Cement Crafts

Here are 3 quick and easy cement crafts for the home that you can make over the holidays as a fun project.


Pressed Leaf Clay Bowls

Use air dry clay to make decorative pressed leaf design clay bowls.

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Decorative Concrete Plant Holder

Make a decorative plant holder using grey or white cement and hang in a simple macramé hanger.


Decorative Concrete Ideas

These decorative concrete ideas are super easy to make and would be great gifts for family and friends.


Garden Greenery for Easy Festive Arrangement

Give your home instant holiday cheer with an arrangement of cut greenery from your garden.


Fixing a treasured collectable

One of my treasured possessions was broken when moving furniture around and I looked for ways to fix it up.


5-Minute Key holder

Use an old picture frame and some cup hooks to make a quick and easy key holder to mount on the wall.

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Welcome Spring into your home

Here's a fun way to welcome Spring into your home with this wall decor designed by Elle Franco.


Glue gun craft ideas

Hot glue crafts are blowing up the Internet at the moment, but there are some really cheezy and cheap projects you will want to avoid. Grab your glue gun and try one of these pretty glue gun crafts.


Spring craft ideas

We put together a selection of inspiring spring craft ideas to welcome Spring into your home.


Quick Project: Indoor terrarium

Creating an indoor terrarium doesn't have to be difficult and we show you how easy it is to make an interesting indoor terrarium in under 30 minutes.


Quick Project: Hanging bedside pendants

Use Ball or Mason jars to make a set of hanging pendant lights for next to your bed.

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Make your own rope baskets or bowls

Baskets are great for storage but they can also be pricey, so we've included a tutorial on how to make your own rope baskets.


Recycle aluminium cans

In this feature we show you how to upcycle aluminium cans into attractive storage containers.


Colourful concrete planters

These adorable concrete planters can be tinted any colour and are perfect for succulents.


Make a doily dreamcatcher

How to make a doily dreamcatcher for an eye-catching feature for a wall in your home.


Make a shelf using lashing knots

We show you how to make your own furniture with only basic tools and skills by using square and diagonal lashing knots.

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Ways to use Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are great for extra storage, for displaying your collectables, as bookshelves or in so many other ways and we show you new ways to use floating shelves.


Make an easy mould to cast anything!

You only need two ingredients to make a mould to cast anything with concrete or plaster of Paris.


Quick Project: Donut Clock

Here's an easy way to add a fun element to any room with a colourful donut wall clock.


Quick Project: Easy Circular Shelves

These circular wall shelves are easy to make using pine, plywood or SupaWood.


Quick Project: DIY Privacy Screen

This privacy screen is a quick and easy project using supplies that you will find at any hardware store.

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Quick Project: Easy Zig-Zag Desk Lamp

This quick and easy zig-zag lamp is just the thing for lighting up a home office desk or work area.


Make your own Rag Rug with old jeans

The days have started to turn chilly and it's time to put down rugs over the tiles to warm up living spaces. If you're looking for rugs that are a bit different from what you see in the stores - try making this rag rug from old jeans or clothes.


Decorative wooden lantern

This decorative wooden lantern is perfect for dressing up a table and is cheap and easy to make if you already have some cheap wooden frames lying around.


Quick Project: Instant makeover

Here's an easy way to give a coffee table an instant makeover using marble-look Contact self-adhesive paper.


How to reupholster a sofa

When you need to replace your old sofa, consider the option of reupholstering a secondhand or old fashioned sofa to create the perfect sofa.

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DIY cutter for making holes in foam

When compiling the article on reupholstering a sofa, it occurred to me that there is no easy way to make holes in foam. I designed and made a DIY cutter that easily cuts holes in foam, great for when you do tufting for upholstery projects.


DIY copper pipe crafts

I don't know of anyone that doesn't use Pinterest for craft ideas, and one trend that I picked up on is the growing interest in using copper tubes and fittings for DIY crafts and projects.


Crafty ways with macramé

Who would have thought that macramé would be just as trendy today as it was 30 years ago. Easy and affordable, here are a few ideas for getting crafty with macramé.


Hidden Cellphone Charger

Here's a pretty way to disguise your cellphone while it's charging and keep your bedside table neat and tidy. 


Easy tassels

Add some fun to textiles and accessories with homemade tassels that you can make using plain or coloured embroidery thread, string, natural rope or pleather.

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Rust-Oleum Mirror Effect

Rust-Oleum Mirror Effect is a unique decorative coating that transforms ordinary glass or clear acrylic into a reflective mirror finish.


Wood and glass photo frame

Make your own modern photo frame with timber offcuts and acrylic or glass sheets.


Decorative lanterns

Set the mood with these beautiful lantern frames that will light up the night when entertaining outdoors.


Weaving with Danish cord

Using Danish cord, sisal or coir rope is an excellent way to finish off a heirloom bench and you can apply this weaving method to finish off a chair seat, stool or any type of bench.


Quick Project: Easy Vases

You don't need to spend money to add new items to your decor - look at how you can re-purpose items you already have in new ways.

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Prickly cactus crafts

Recycling what you already have can be fun, and we added some prickly cactus crafts that the whole family can make.


Make a Danish-style Side or Coffee Table

I love Scandinavian design, and these pretty Danish-style tables are easy to make using 16mm pine plywood that you can buy at Builders.


Fabric, paper and paint for knobs

Use fabric, paper or paint to turn plain pine or plastic knobs into wonderful, pretty embellishments for any piece of furniture.


DIY box shelves

Use pallet wood or pine to make these miniature box shelves that are perfect for displaying decor and trinkets.


Make a circular ottoman

This weekend the DIY Divas demonstrated how to make a circular, upholstered ottoman. Find instructions below to make your own circular ottoman.

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Make a Knitted Pouffe

This knitted pouffe is so easy to make, you could make more than one! A knitted pouffe adds warmth and texture to the winter home and is great for lounging in front of the fire.


DIY flower vase ideas

It's time to start thinking about a Mother's Day gift. If your mom loves fresh flowers, why not make a personally decorated vase using one of these beautiful DIY vase ideas.


DIY Shelf Brackets

Given the total lack of choice when it comes to decorative shelf brackets, making your own DIY shelf brackets is the way to go!


Clay coasters

Make a set of colourful coasters using air-dry clay and Sharpie pens. Easy to make, you can make them for yourself - or as a gift.


Colourful, Personalised Pot Trivet

Use pine offcuts to make a colourful, personalised pot trivet that you can keep for yourself or give as a gift. It's also a great Mother's Day gift idea.

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Air-dry clay bud vase

We show you how to make your own waterproof Bud Vases with air-dry clay. It's so easy and air-dry clay doesn't need to be fired in a kiln.


Make a rope basket

Here's a very simple way to make your own rope baskets. You can find sash cord at your local Builders store.


Reclaimed pallet planter

Use reclaimed wood pallets to make a decorative succulent planter for indoors. Very affordable and easy to make and you can adjust the dimensions to make a larger or smaller planter.


Wooden lantern for deck or patio

I have been wanting to make a wooden lantern for the garden for ages, especially after seeing the exorbitant prices they ask for ready made wood lanterns.

Air-dry clay bowls 

Use air-dry clay to make a selection of handcrafted bowls that are wonderful for gifts for any occasion - or for Valentine's Day.

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Crafty ideas for hanging plants 

Hanging plants are a wonderful way to bring a touch of the garden to your indoor spaces. We look at crafty ideas for hanging plants. 

Uses for corrugated and galvanised sheet metal

Reasonably inexpensive and easy to work with, we put together some unique uses for corrugated sheet in the home.

Easy votives

Here's a simple way to turn glass jars or vases into wonderful candle votives for an inexpensive holiday display.

Consol Colouring in Jars

Have fun and indulge your inner child with this great innovation from Consol. Consol's Colouring in Jars are a fun and creative project that the whole family can enjoy.

Inexpensive burlap decor

Burlap is a woven fabric made from jute, hemp or similar fibre. Found at most fabric stores, burlap offers an inexpensive way to make your own home decor and accessories.

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Make your own stamped clay bowls

You can make these decorative air dry clay bowls for your home, or they would make the perfect gift for a friend.

Fun with pom-poms

Pom-poms are so easy to make and you can use colourful yarns to create a wide range of holiday and decor accessories.


Lamp made using string and wood

This wood and string lamp is fun to make, and you can arrange the string into so many different variations for a lamp that is truly unique.

Quick and easy flower glasses

There are some really stunning silk flowers that you can buy, and we show you how to use silk flowers to dress up champagne glasses for a special occasion.

Romantic mosquito canopies

Use affordable mosquito nets to add a romantic touch to your outdoor living areas and keep hungry mozzies at bay.

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Air-dry decorative clay bowl

For those that don't have access to a kiln, air-dry clay is a wonderful way to craft pieces. Here's how to make a decorative air-dry clay bowl.

Copper pipe table

This functional and stylish copper pipe side table also works as a wine bar. Hard to believe this is a DIY project that you can complete over a weekend.

Romantic lace mirror

Here's how to transform a plain mirror into a romantic feature using lace and Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint.

Tools to stamp on metal

Vermont Sales have just unpacked their full range of letter and number punch sets for stamping wood, metal and leather.

Ingenious designer shelf you can make

Using half a sheet of plywood, some pine dowels and knobs, all from your local Builders Warehouse, you can easily make this designer shelf as a DIY project.

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Faux pewter wall art

This Saturday we did a faux pewter workshop on request. Quite a few DIY Divas have commented on my faux pewter wall art and wanted to know how to make their own.


Decorative picture frames

In this project we make the picture frames themselves a feature by covering them with art paper. You can substitute this with handmade paper, scrapbooking paper, or even wallpaper.


Nature for walls

Bring a dash of nature indoors with a few fern fronds and inexpensive frames and add a unique feature to a plain wall.

Easy shopping list holder

I made this practical shopping list holder to hang on a wall in the kitchen using a few inexpensive supplies.

Make decorative concrete spheres

These decorative concrete spheres can be used for small plants or herbs, or spray the inside with Rust-Oleum Metallics, pop in a candle, and add unique lighting to your next outdoor event.

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PVC pipe desk organiser

Here's a colourful PVC pipe desktop organiser that you can make to keep your workspace organised. Colour blocking with paint adds a fun design element.

Make a wire cupcake stand

A couple of years back I bought a wire cupcake stand as a gift for a friend. It cost around R200 but appears to be no longer available locally. So here's how to make your own wire cupcake stand... cheap!

Easy rolling bathroom storage

Bathrooms always need storage for essentials. This rolling bathroom storage unit can store plenty plus, you can customise the size and shape for your space.

Modern concrete design accessories

Concrete, in its many forms, is being used an architectural and artistic material. Top young designers are getting crafty with cement to craft unique concrete decor.

Quick Project: Corbel shelf

This quick and easy shelf is made using a couple of polystyrene corbels, a scrap of timber or board, and some moulding.

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Decorative mozzie screen

When the weather is hot you want cool breezes through open windows, and this easy mosquito screen is a decorative way to reduce these annoying pests.


Paint a plain rug

Here's an easy way to add a new look to a plain, inexpensive low-pile, coir, sisal or jute rug. All you need is some paint and masking tape!


Quick Project: Faux pewter candleholder

This quick and easy project uses a pine offcut, some strips of moulding and a roll of aluminium roofing tape to make a pretty candleholder.


Aluminium can plant holder

Here's a way to repurpose aluminium cans into an attractive plant holder to add a touch of greenery to any room in a home.


Use ping pong balls to make unique lighting

Ping pong balls are an inexpensive way to make your own contemporary lighting, especially when combined with LED or CFL light sources.

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Clever ideas for an organised home

If you are struggling to corral the clutter, we've put together a selection of clever ideas that you can easily put into practice to help keep your home clutter-free.

Pretty breakfast tray

Re-purpose an old door or drawer front, or make a basic tray using SupaWood offcuts, and dress up with tile to make a pretty breakfast tray.

Nail polish carousel

Nail polish usually ends up tossed into the bottom of drawers or crammed into a make up bag. With this Nail Polish Carousel you can have all your colourful bottles within easy reach.


Inexpensive wall art

 We show you how to use affordable plywood, a Dremel Multitool and Woodoc stain and wax to make your own wall art.


20 ways to make your own wood wall decor

Wood is so easy to work with and you can use offcuts or buy pine at your local Builders to make your own wooden wall decor.

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Cupcake concrete planters

I was looking at an empty cupcake tray (after eating all the cupcakes... on my own) and thought it would make the perfect mould for small succulent planters.

Engraved seaglass votive

This seaglass frosted votive holder is perfect for your home or as a gift. Engrave a butterfly design onto the glass, or your choice of design.

DIY vintage-style bedside lamp

This vintage-style bedside lamp is made using mock licence plates, PVC fittings and galvanised pipe and accessories. What a wonderful finishing touch for a boy's bedroom.

Jersey knit or t-shirt yarn macrame plant hangers

Brit + Co come up with brilliant ideas, and in this article we share jersey fabric or t-shirt yarn macramé plant hangers that feature in Brit Morin's latest book 'Homemakers'

Serving tray with relief design

These simple wooden serving trays with handles have a relief design that you can customise to make your own beautiful trays for parties and celebrations.

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Unique ways to craft wood lamps and lights

We offer a selection of handmade wooden lamps and lights that you can make as a weekend project using basic tools and materials you can find at your nearest Builders, or source locally. 


Large format picture frames

Every home needs art in one form or another, and we show you how to make a bold statement with large format frames for art, posters or enlarged photos.


Terracotta pot serving stand

Here's a fun way to turn terracotta pots into stylish serving stands. All you need are some terracotta pots and Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint that you will find at your local Builders.


Glass memo board

Forget about whiteboards and messy chalkboards... make this glass memo or menu board and spray the back of the glass with any Rust-Oleum colour to match you existing decor.


Painted terracotta pots

Still struggling to come up with gift ideas? Buy some terracotta pots at Builders Warehouse, add painted decoration, and fill with a beautiful arrangement of succulents.

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Picture framing kit

For anyone who enjoys DIY projects like making picture frames, the Tork Craft Picture Framing Kit is a great gift to give or receive.

Secondhand saves you a bundle

With access to Internet, buying secondhand furniture has become a popular trend when combined with today's ability to paint furniture with ease.

Use paint to achieve 3D effects

After being given a tin of Rust-Oleum Chalked ultra matt paint, I couldn't wait to transform this secondhand Oregon Pine dresser.

Leather tooling for fun

If you are looking for a new hobby, leather tooling allows you to craft leather into a variety of practical and decorative accessories.

Easy DIY Christmas gift ideas... Wooden plant holder

I am already constantly reminded that Christmas is just around the corner. In the spirit of this I
thought it might be nice to start adding easy DIY gift ideas that you can make with love and give to family or friends.

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Olfa cutters and knives for all your craft and hobby needs

The Olfa range of cutters and knives covers a wide range of tools for almost all craft and hobby needs and even includes kits for quilters.

Plastic paint container = pendant lamp

I love featuring projects that upcycle plastic waste in new ways and this project shows how I turned a plastic paint container into a colourful, trendy pendant lamp.

Easy geometric concrete planters

Make your own arrangement of concrete planters and fill them with colourful succulents. They look wonderful on a coffee table or dresser, or to add a touch of greenery to a bathroom.

Re-upholster an old chair

This old chair might not look like much before, but after some re-upholstery and TLC it becomes a stunning piece. You can pick up a similar chair for around R50 and spend about R100 on materials and supplies, for a beautiful chair that only costs R150 in total.

Delicate wire chandelier

Here's a wonderful way to use thin- and medium-gauge wire to craft a decorative wire chandelier that you can hang indoors or outdoors. Dress up your patio with a wire chandelier fitted with tea light candles, real or battery, or even small solar lights.

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Painted spring baskets

Freshen up some old baskets with a coat of paint and then cut scented flowers to dry and fill your home with the fragrance of spring.

Faux pewter trinket box

If you love the look of pewter, using aluminium tape as an alternative is easy and inexpensive and you can buy a roll at your local Builders.

Spring flower stand

I hate to throw anything out and have been collecting the plastic containers for QuikWood. Now I can use them to make an easy flower stand for a spring display of fresh flowers.

DIY space saving closet ideas

Most homes have basic built-in cupboards for closet space and many don't have plenty of space, so here are a few space saving ideas for closets.

Tufted ottoman replaces glass coffee table

When a new baby arrives, a glass and steel coffee table is not exactly a child-friendly option. Here's how to make a tufted ottoman table to fill the space.

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Sew up a comfortable pouf for your home

Super easy to make, once you have made one of these fabric poufs you will want to make more.

Chest of drawers becomes eye-catching piece

A secondhand chest of drawers is transformed using cut mirror panels and Rust-Oleum Universal Titanium Silver spray paint.

Fabric wrapped charger plates

These fabric wrapped chargers are made using Masonite / hardboard cut into circles and wrapped with your choice of fabric. Make them for your spring table, a special celebration, or a unique wedding place setting.

Turn average furniture into stunning statement pieces

There are so many ways to use paint, fabric or wallpaper to turn average furniture into statement pieces with WOW factor!

How to make a tub chair and upholster in your own fabric

In this project you will find instructions to make a tub chair and upholster in your choice of fabric.

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Knock-off designer metallic mirror frame

Megan at 'the homes I have made' transformed her bedroom with painted furniture and new accessories. What I found striking in this room setting is the metallic silver mirror.

1-hour picture frames

With the arrival of my new router table I have been making plenty of picture frames. These colourful frames are sprayed with Rust-Oleum 2X in fresh hues.

Ideas for a grocery list

Instead of hunting around for scrap paper we put together some ideas for making a DIY brown paper grocery list.

Turn paraffin hurricane lamp into LED lamp

I used old spotlight fixtures to turn paraffin lamps into LED lights using Lumi Straight Candle LED bulbs from Lumi LED.

Bamboo wall clock

Turn a bamboo bread board or cutting block into a wall clock and be constantly reminded to 'get it done'

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Dremel Fortiflex to engrave on s/s tray for Mother's Day gift

Dremel asked me to try out the new Dremel Fortiflex and do a project for Mother's Day to show how easy it is to use this tool - due to be launched soon.

Action figurine table lamp

Inspired by a project that I saw on instructables, here's how to take all those action figures and turn them into a quirky table lamp for a boy's bedroom

Wood art with Woodoc wood gel and wood glue

I had some pieces of pine left over from a project and decided to use wood glue and Woodoc gel stain to make wood art. I show two different options, one using wood glue and the other using Bostik deco glass paint that you will find in the craft section at your local supermarket.

Transform butler's tray with Rust-Oleum 2X

Nancy - one of our DIY Divas - is busy decorating her daughter's bedroom and asked me to transform a plain, black Butler's tray using Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint.

No-sew faux Austrian blinds

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to dress up a window you will love this no-sew faux Austrian blind alternative. All you need is a glue gun and some fabric!

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Colourful pencil necklace

Here's a fun way to upcycle coloured pencils into a colourful necklace. You can make for yourself or give as a gift - it's a unique present for Mother's Day.

Armchair tray with book or magazine storage

After posting this armchair tray for drinks, books or magazines or facebook, readers requested that I post a step-by-step for this quick and easy project, so here it is...

Quick and easy cardboard lamp

Turn a cardboard box into a quick and easy lampshade that can easily be dressed up or down for any room in a home.

Cement candle holders

Grab a box of Polycell Rockset and some yoghurt cups and make these cement candle holders. This is a quick and easy project that's great if you need to dress up a table for a party of special occasion.

Floating pool noodle beverage bar

Use a pool noodle and plastic storage box to make a floating beverage bar for a swimming pool and enjoy lazy summer days by the poolside.

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Handy holder gift idea

I stumbled across this amazing DIY project idea on etsy and thought it might be a great DIY idea for a Valentine gift. This handy stand is perfect for a bedside table to store all personal and essential electronic items conveniently.

Galvanised and copper pipe industrial lighting

You can make this industrial style lighting for a home with galvanised pipe that you can buy from steel merchants or local suppliers, and using copper pipe and low voltage lighting from your local Builders or lighting supplier.

Cake tray with decorative routed edge

Routers are reasonably inexpensive power tools that can be used to add a decorative finish to projects. We show you how to make a cake board with a decorative edge that can be painted in your choice of colour.

10-minute pencil holder

Use a large branch or small tree stump and your Bosch drill / driver to make this 10-minute pencil holder that is perfect for keeping a study desk neat and organised.

Make a perpetual calendar

Make a perpetual calendar that you can use year after year. With some MDF offcuts, or substitute with materials you already have, this perpetual calendar won't cost much and will last a lifetime

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Fold-up ironing table

Turn a fold-up table into a portable ironing table that takes up very little space in a craft or hobby room, or will come in handy and convenient when you are doing sewing projects.

Revamp an old mirror

Here's how to revamp an old mirror into a wonderful new decor accessories using Rust-Oleum Mirror Effect spray and some glass mosaic pebbles.

Tree stump turned into a stylish coffee table

Tree stump tables are still making appearances in many homes as coffee table and side tables. There's a good reason for this... they are free!

Make your own candles

Whether it's for a special event or celebration, for the festive season, or just so you don't get left in the dark when Eskom switches off the power, making your own candles will save you bucks and decorate your home with atmosphere and light.

Have fun with Rust-Oleum spray paint

You know I'm a big fan of Rust-Oleum spray paint and I am always on the lookout for ideas for using spray paint in fun ways to add a splash of colour to my home. At a cost of around R80 per tin you can paint almost anything with Rust-Oleum.

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Rope wrapped storage basket

Use cotton or cotton-blend rope to transform everyday items into pretty pieces for a home. You can use cotton rope to wrap plastic bins and boxes, and many other items, to create inexpensive and practical storage for a home.

Lounger made of patio birch branches

If you know of anyone having their birch trees trimmed, or know of a tree-felling company in your area, using birch logs to make this modern lounger is a fun way to add a unique piece of furniture to your indoor or outdoor spaces.

PVC pipe curtain rail

There are plenty of ideas of affordable ways to hang curtains, but I still love the idea of using PVC pipe for the rod and ping-pong balls as finials.  U

Trinket box using Pringles container

Recycle a pringles container into a decorative gift box that can be embellished for any occasion. The one shown here is dressed with beautiful paper roses, but you can finish in any style using wrapping papers, PC printouts and some decorative embellishments.

Easy chevron pattern wall art

Here's an inexpensive way to make your own chevron wall art using wood stain and metallic paint and half a sheet of 9mm or 12mm pine plywood.

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Amazing creations made with wire and pliers

Wire crafter, Ruth Jensen, makes the most unique animals and accessories... all made from steel or copper wire. When you think about what you need to get started with wire craft, it's a selection of pliers (round nose and needle nose) and some wire.

Use metallic foil to add a touch of glam to furniture

Metallic foil wrapping papers offer a simple and affordable way to add the lustrous look of metal to any paintable surface.

Make a pine chess board

This weekend at the DIY Divas Painting Techniques workshop the Divas made a chess board using laminated pine. The blocks were stained using Woodoc gel stain and the entire board wiped down with liming wax.

Crafty ways to make your own handles and knobs

Handles and knobs can be pricey, especially if you are looking for something different. There are many great ideas for making your own handles, knobs and drawer pulls that will cost practically nothing and finish off your furniture with a personal or quirky touch. 

Coiled rope lamp shade

Quite often, inspiration for your next craft of DIY project can come from an image you see on pinterest or home decor site. I myself get plenty of project ideas from decorated homes and inspiring interiors by designers.

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Ideas for using rope in the home

A new craft that is trending across the Internet is to use rope, both indoors and out, as a substitute for traditional materials and as a way to incorporate natural materials in home decor.

A couple of handy tips when applying upholstery pins

There are some upholstery projects that can be fiddly and can quickly get you feeling frustrated. One of those is using upholstery pins or nails to decorate or add decorative nailhead trim to upholstered furniture.

DIY basket chandelier

Hard to believe that this modern chandelier is made using a secondhand light fitting and a couple of wire baskets.

Make a simple yet decorative fireplace screen

Having recently featured a couple of articles on fireplaces, and one in particular that looks at how to block out draughts using a fire screen, I was so glad to stumble upon this project that shows how to make a simple yet decorative fireplace screen.

Home decor that costs you cents!

The other day I was cleaning out old drawers and stumbled upon a jar of one and two cent pieces... remember those! Since this old currency is now useless, I didn't want to throw it away but had no idea what to do with it. How's this idea for vamping up an old vase using cent pieces.

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Colourful winter table centrepiece

It might be winter, but that doesn't mean you can't still add a colourful centrepiece to brighten up a table or room. This zesty lemon and lime arrangement is a wonderful way to lift the spirits and bring fresh aromas into a home.

Dress up a plain interior door

Here's a quick and easy DIY option to dress up a plain interior door. Use pine moulding or trim to add a framed fabric panel to doors.

DIY vintage picture gallery

I have been wanting to create a vintage picture gallery for quite a while and finally managed to get it done as a project for easy DIY.

How to paint upholstered furniture

I know that there are many readers who will find this project interesting. Having previously posted on painting upholstered furniture, and receiving lots of enquiries on this topic, I thought it might be nice to share another painted upholstery project with you.

Decorative lattice frames for plant pots

Every home should have a few potted plants or herbs, but if you don't want to go to the expense of buying fancy pots, we used 6mm MDF to make decorative lattice frames for plant pots.

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Makeover coffee table with wallpaper

Here's an easy way to give any coffee table and instant makeover... with wallpaper and upholstery nails. A plain white-painted coffee table goes from average to amazing and one-of-a-kind in an hour, and you can do the same with any coffee table.

8 Colourful projects with Rust-Oleum

Rust-Oleum offers an excellent selection of spray painting products that come in an amazing range of colours. Satin, gloss or metallic, Rust-Oleum spray paint offers twice the coverage to make spray painting almost any object quick and easy.

Delicate enamel wire flowers

Hard to believe that this delicate flowers are made of wire and nail polish. Jewellers wire is wrapped to create the shape of the flowers and then filled with a drop of nail polish.

Monkey business tree-shaped coat rack

Make a tree-shaped coat rack or hanger out of PG Bison 12mm MDF and paint this in your choice of colour for a fun coat rack or hanger for a child's bedroom.

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Wire mesh basket for magazines, towels or veggies

This wire mesh basket is perfect for magazines, storing bathroom towels for easy access, as a vegetable basket, or for general storage in and around the home. T

Reclaimed plastic bottle petal lamp

I have seen so many gorgeous petal lamps and definitely wanted one for my TV room. Considering that you can pay anywhere from R800 upwards, once again I decided to make my own (!) and look at how to use plastic bottles to make it.

Make a pool noodle garland

I have seen pool noodles used in many ways but love this idea for making a garland using pool noodles. A couple of colourful pool noodles and you can create a bold, bright hanging display for a special occasion or party.

Transform furniture with ceiling tiles

Plastic ceiling tiles might look tacky when mounted on a ceiling (!) but they sure do look wonderful when added as accessories to vintage furniture. This two-door armoire / wardrobe was decorated with plastic ceiling tiles painted in silver that add a new dimension to the piece.

Table lamp from plastic and rope

This modern table lamp is easy to make using rope and a sheet of plastic, you can even recycle plastic bottles to make the table lamp.

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DIY options for pendant lamps

There are so many creative ways to create your own DIY pendant lampshades. Gather your inspiration from everyday home items, secondhand stores, or your local Builders Warehouse.

Chinese paper lanterns with style!

If you have a China Mall close to you, or a discount home store, you will find inexpensive Chinese paper lanterns . These paper lanterns are perfect for dressing up for a special event or party, and you can even hang them in your home.

Crafty ideas for using wire

Inexpensive and easy to use, there are so many ways to use wire to create your own home decor and accessories. I've scoured the Internet looking for crafty ideas to use wire for craft and decor projects, and have found plenty.

Framed perpetual calendar

These framed perpetual calendars will help you to stay organised, plus you can use them over and over. You can print out the months on your PC and frame them behind glass. Use a whiteboard marker to fill in the calendar and then wipe clean for the next month.

Woodburn with Dremel VersaTip and VersaFlame

If Santa brought you a Dremel VersaTip or VersaFlame for Christmas, chances are you can't wait to start using them. Here's a very crafty way to use your new Dremel tools to create wood burnt art for a feature wall.

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Make your own curtain tiebacks

Love the idea of making my own curtain tiebacks with items that can be found at your local Builders Warehouse - and that won't cost much either. These curtain tiebacks are made using hardware, copper pipe and rope.

Crochet a Mandala floor rug

Even if you have never used a crochet hook before, you're going to want to after seeing how easy it is to make a Mandala floor rug. Mandala means circular, and this large circular Mandala rug is made using t-shirt yarn, so start asking around for old clothes and get started!

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