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Recycled tyre turns into Pom Pom Stool

Add a fun element to your living space with this pom pom stool made from an old tyre and colourful pom poms.


One of my personal favourite magazines, home | tuis, shows you how to make a stool from scratch using an old tyre which is then finished off with colourful pom poms.


Piece of plywood

Old tyre

5 x 60mm screws

Rust-Oleum Chalked spray paint

Colourful wool pom poms




Drill / Driver plus assorted bits


Hot glue gun

Tape measure and pencil, or steel ruler






1. Use a tape measure or steel ruler to measure your tyre in order to cut out a piece of wood for the seat section. Transfer this measurement onto a piece of 16mm plywood.

2. Cut out the circle for the top and bottom with a jigsaw.

3. You need to cut 2 circles - one for the seat and one for the base.

4. Drive screws through the seat into the tyre to hold the seat firmly in place.

5. Flip over to secure the base to the bottom of the tyre using screws.



6. Put down newspaper in order to spray the tyre and board with Rust-Oleum Chalked spray paint (in your choice of colour). We applied Rust-Oleum Chalked in Serenity Blue.

GOOD TO KNOW: Shake the can well before use.

7. Mark the location for the legs, drill pilot holes and then secure the legs onto the base, as shown below.



8. Use a hot glue gun to secure colourful pom poms onto the seat.

GOOD TO KNOW: Click on this link for any easy way to make large or small pom poms.

Continue adding pom poms to the entire seat top.

Don't skimp on sticking the pom poms onto the top - the more pom poms you add the more chunky it will look.

Make sure to add pom poms around the edge of the top to cover up the board.



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