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Colourful, Personalised Pot Trivet

Use pine offcuts to make a colourful, personalised pot trivet that you can keep for yourself or give as a gift. It's also a great Mother's Day gift idea.


I made this colourful pot trivet using some leftover laminated pine shelving that I had. They are 180mm in diameter and perfect for small or large pots.

Pot trivets protect your countertops and you can make one of these and finish it to complement your kitchen decor. I finished mine with Woodoc Gel Stain in Arizona Orange and Dawn Red, and a Sharpie paint pen in sunny yellow. 






1. The shapes were cut out with a jigsaw and then given a round-over edge with my router. I have a Triton Router Stand for my router and this is probably my most favourite tool. Using a router table allows you to work with both hands - without clamps - to add a variety of decorative edges and detail to your projects. You will find more details on the router and router stand here.

GOOD TO KNOW: If you don't own a router, use an orbital sander to round off the edges - or leave as is.

2. After routing the edge, I used 120- and 180-grit sandpaper to compress and smooth the rough edges. Above you can see the difference a little sanding makes.

3. If you are doing the same design as shown here, use a Sharpie paint pen to apply the sun design. While wet, use a fingertip to lightly smudge the edge of the paint. Let this dry.

4. Working quickly, apply arizona orange and dawn red onto the project. Blend the colours as much as possible. You can always apply a little more gel stain to blend the two colours together.

5. To prevent the Sharpie pen from bleeding into the wood, apply a very light coat of spray sealer or varnish. You can also apply a thin layer of ModPodge or clear acrylic sealer - but only apply a very light coat. Let dry.

6. Print out the template and rub the back with an HB pencil.

7. Place on the surface of your project, tape down, and press hard to transfer the wording. 

8. Now you can carefully use a Sharpie pen to outline and fill in the wording.

9. To finish, apply a thin coat of spray sealer or varnish, or brush on a thin coat of ModPodge. Let dry. 


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