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Best router for your money

Over the past few months I have done quite a few projects using a router and wanted to take a closer look at the various routers available, and how you can get more out of your router by using a router table.


This is not a professional review, but more a personal look at the various routers that I have used along the way and an attempt to  shed some light on the pros and cons of the different routers on the market. As someone who is involved in various types of DIY on a regular basis, both as a DIY Diva and project designer for Home-Dzine, I wanted to feature an article that wasn't filled with technical jargon, but puts forward in simple terms my opinion on what's on the shelves.

For the beginner DIY enthusiast who will only be doing the occasional project and will only use a router for small to medium projects, the Skil 1840 AS is definitely a good buy. We demo this model at our DIY Divas workshops and it is easy to use, comes with all the necessary accessories you need for most routing projects, and offers 12,000 up to 28,000 rpm - enough for small to medium projects. However, this model only has a 1300 Watt motor and is not great for larger projects.

Next up in quality is the Bosch POF 1400 ACE router, with a 1400 Watt motor and 11,000 to 28,000 rpm speed range. This model comes in at R1350 online via Tools4Wood, which includes accessories such as parallel guide for cutting straight edges and centring pin. Good value for money for the DIY enthusiast, this model has the power and speed to perform small to large routing projects. This is our 'go-to' model for everyday routing projects on the website.





Triton Tools have a selection of routers in their range, but the 2400 Watt model runs at 21,000 rpm and is perfect for small to large routing projects. The Triton TRA001 comes in at R3371 at Tools4Wood, or R4035 is you decide on the Router Combo that includes a 24 Piece Tork Craft Router Bit Set.  I have included the Triton router in this selection because of the unique features on this model that you might want to consider when buying a router. Click here to view a video that demonstrations how easy it is to set up and use the Triton Router in conjunction with the Triton RTA 300 Router Table.

You can use the Triton Router Table with most router models, but the Triton Router incorporates easy changing of bits and simple height adjustment, with everything done above the table. Once set up it isn't necessary to fiddle about underneath the table and this is a big time saver. It might not be a cheap buy, but make no mistake, after using a router table you will never want to do it any other way!