Make an Upholstered Ottoman or Footstool

Having previously featured work by Eudes Oliveira, I had to share this easy upholstered ottoman / footstool that was recently completed.


Finished in a black pleather (soft vinyl), this upholstered ottoman or footstool has a tufted design that lends a touch of class and elegance to the finished project.



You can buy pleather at most larger fabric stores and it is reasonably priced, but do make sure to buy a better quality - one that is soft and easy to work with.

I have included some of the step-by-step instructions for this project, but you will find the full video at the bottom of this page that shows how to make the basic box and upholster in pleather.

The reason for sharing this project is because the finished ottoman looks stunning, and secondly, because while it might look difficult, it is actually an easy project to make yourself.


1. Assemble the box

The first step in making this ottoman / footstool is to make the box that forms the frame for the ottoman.

The box is then covered with a layer of foam. A thin medium-density foam is glued onto the outside of the box and a thick medium-density foam is secured onto the top of the box. Use sprayable adhesive to secure the foam in place.



With the box assembled, it's time to move onto cutting and sewing the fabric to fit over the box. For this step I recommend that you take a look at the video (below) to see how easy it is to upholster the ottoman.

The pleather needs to be marked into individual square sections to create the tufted design on top.

Seams are sewn along the marks in order to give the pleather that boxed look that is so great when combined with the tufted design.

Having viewed the video below from start to finish, the upholstery process is not too difficult, but considering how easy it is to do all the other work to make this ottoman / footstools, it is definitely worth the finished result. And the video is comprehensive enough, with all the detailed steps shown quite clearly and in an easily understood way.

After sewing, the cover is slipped onto the box frame and secured to the underside with staples.

The tufting process involves drilling holes through the wood at the top (seat) in order to thread buttons through and secure to the underside of the top.

And then all that is left to do is to secure a piece of lining fabric to the base and add your choice of feet or legs.

View the video below for full details and instructions for this project:




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