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Prickly cactus crafts

Recycling what you already have can be fun, and we added some prickly cactus crafts that the whole family can make.


Prickly to look at but soft to touch, cactuses come in some many varied and colourful varieties and can add a fun element to your home decor. We collected a selection of crafts featuring cactuses that the whole family can make using items you probably already have, or items you can recycle.

Love the quirky design of these wire cactuses. Made by Nicole, thin wire is shaped into interesting designs and then wrapped with colourful yarn. You can go to town making your own wacky designs for an eye-catching feature.

Polymer clay and air-dry clay is another medium to use for crafting your own cute cactuses. We found some really cute polymer clay cactuses made by joojoo that would be perfect for displaying on a shelf or windowsill.

Craft your own cactus creations with air-dry clay. You can purchase air-dry clay at craft stores and in the craft section of select Builders Warehouse stores, and it's easy and fun to use for a variety of crafty projects.

David Stark created a beautiful selection of cactuses using papier maché - a fun way to make use of all those old newspapers you have lying around. Pop into your local Builders for a pack or two of heavy-duty wallpaper paste to glue up and make your own papier maché cactus.

Now here's something completely different... cupcake cactuses! These adorable cactuses look too good to eat.

The cactuses and succulents are made using sugar paste. The main body are modelled with marzipan on a stick and then iced. The pretty flowers are also made of white sugar.


Craft paper and card is another way to make a fun cactus display.

Let the kids recycle cardboard boxes into their own cactus creations - a great way to keep them occupied during the holidays. Print out and copy the template for different cactus designs.

For those who love to sew... there are plenty of crafty ways to use fabric scraps to make your own cactus home decor accessories.

And finally... collect pebbles from the garden or beach, in assorted shapes and sizes, to make a colourful painted cactus display that would add colour and interest to any windowsill.


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