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Make a doily dreamcatcher

How to make a doily dreamcatcher for an eye-catching feature for a wall in your home.


Native Americans have been crafting dreamcatchers for centuries. They believe that the intricate woven patterns inside a dreamcatcher trap bad dreams which become tangled and perish in daylight, while good dreams flow down feathers hanging beneath the hoop to the person sleeping below.

Nowadays, we incorporate dream catchers into our homes more as decorative items and they are particularly loved as an element in Boho style. In this article we show you how to make dreamcatchers using a bought or made doily (find crochet instructions here from meg made with love).





Today, dreamcatchers are made using a variety of materials and you can design your own unique dreamcatcher that incorporates romantic embellishments or vintage details. I have seen hundred of gorgeous designs on Pinterest, and more than a few that are truly one-of-a-kind.

A new trend for making a dreamcatcher, and one that will please many that don't know how to crochet, is to use a bought doily as the centrepiece of the dreamcatcher. Using thin cotton string, the doily is mounted within a ring or hoop and then embellished with silk flower, lace, beads or feathers.

All you really need to make your own dreamcatcher is the hoop or circular frame and many have used embroidery hoops. 

If your bed doesn't have a headboard and you're looking to add something unique to the wall above, think about creating your own unique dreamcatcher to fill the space. You can incorporate a wide variety of materials and embellishments that complement your existing decor, or that will add a touch of Boho style.

The video below shows how easy it is to make your own doily dreamcatcher, and while Kim uses a kit, you can easily substitute the pieces in the kit for readily available items that you can buy locally. The first video explains how to make a single doily dreamcatcher and the second, bottom video shows how to make a large wall display using doily dreamcatchers - perfect for above the bed.





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