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Quick Project: Instant makeover

Here's an easy way to give a coffee table an instant makeover using marble-look Contact self-adhesive paper.


style at home


Contact paper with marble finish



If you are unable to source Contact paper, get in touch with to find your nearest stockist.



1. Unroll the contact paper face down on a flat surface.

2. Flip your coffee table and place it directly on top of the contact paper. Make sure it fits nicely all the way around.

3. Use your pencil to draw around the table and then use scissors to cut out the shape.

GOOD TO KNOW: It's a good idea to make the cut-out slightly smaller than the table, as we did with our table.

4. Carefully peel away the backing on the Contact paper and, starting at one side, apply to the table top.

GOOD TO KNOW: As you peel off the backing, use your hand to smooth any wrinkles and air bubbles.


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