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Make a copper pipe table

This functional and stylish copper pipe side table also works as a wine bar. Hard to believe this is a DIY project that you can complete over a weekend.

 DIY enthusiast Ben Uyeda, of HomeMade Modern, created this copper pipe table using supplies that you will find at your local Builders Warehouse.


12mm copper pipe

12mm copper T-fittings

90-degree copper elbows

12mm copper pipe straps

Pattex power epoxy

Construction adhesive

Marble Tile 300 x 600mm

Rigid Tubing Cutter

Orbital sander

Steel wool, fine

Download the cutting and fitting diagram here.






1. Use the pipe cutter to cut the copper pipes to length. Clamp the cutter gently on the pipe and then twist it around the pipe - tightening it after every full rotation.

2. It is recommended that you glue the various pieces together into separate, smaller assemblies before trying to assemble the entire base. Apply epoxy into the fittings before inserting the pipes into the fittings. Wipe away any excess immediately with a rag.

3. Let the epoxy cure according to the instructions. 

4. When assembling the base it is recommended that you do a test assembly first to make sure everything fits before gluing the entire base together.

5. Start by gluing the base and side panels together before rotating the panels up and using the end pieces to secure the side panels.

GOOD TO KNOW: Without the top the structure it is vulnerable, so handle with care while trying to get it straight.

6. To round off the corners on the marble tile use an orbital sander and 150- or 180-grit sanding pad. You don’t need to sand the top, but if you prefer a matte finish use 180-grit to achieve this.

7. Rub down with steel wool to clean and shine the copper. Wear gloves and a dust mask while doing this, since small pieces of steel wool can become airborne.

8. Position the pipe straps on the centre pipes that touch the underside of the tile and secure with epoxy. Allow this to cure and then apply construction adhesive along all the pipes underneath the tile top.

9. Let the adhesive cure for 48 hours before flipping the table upright.


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