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Create a Photo Book for Lasting Memories

What better way to create lasting memories than with a photo book that lets you keep memories close to your heart or share them with family and friends.


There is a time in everyone's life when memories are created that are unforgettable; memories that you will treasure forever, from the birth of a new baby to personal milestone and celebrations. What better way to create lasting memories than with a photo book. With a photo book, you can keep your memories close to your heart or share them with family and friends.

So, how do you go about creating a personalised photo book? How do you transform digital images into your own customised collection of images?






If you are in the USA, you can get in touch with shutterfly, who can let you design and create a personalised photo book. For the rest of us, there are still plenty of ways to create a photo book. Simply open Google search bar and enter 'make photo book' to have various resources that you can utilise to create a photo book.



Gather your images

First off, make sure that all your images are digitally stored for easy access. You can store these on your hard drive, or Cloud.



Before deciding on which supplier to choose for printing your photo book, ask for the print colour options they offer. You have the option to create a photo book in black and white - or greyscale, or perhaps you want your photo book to be printed in a colour tint, or you want a photo book that is printed in full, glorious colour. Ask before they print.



Select a design

While the images you select for your photo book are important, so is the design of your photo book. Most suppliers will offer a way for you to personalise your photo book with unique layouts, decorative options for the book cover, and embellishments that you can use to add decorative elements to the photo book.

The supplier that you choose to create your photo book should at least offer templates with page designs that let you select a layout that you like. They should also offer a selection of options for decorative embellishments and colour choices.









Choose a cover

If you want a photo book that you can give out to family or friends, or a coffee table photo book, selecting the perfect cover is essential. Not only will the cover protect the book, but it also adds that special, personal touch to your photo book. Ask if the cover will be a scratch-resistant finish.





Once the cover for the book is sorted, you should also be able to discuss the binding - or how the pages within the book are held together. This is another important aspect to consider for your photo book since you want a binding that lets you view the pages flat, but also preserve the book without losing pages due to inferior binding. If you're not sure - ask.







Setting out the layout

Unless you are a fan of scrapbooking and prefer this to design the layout for your photo book, most suppliers let you design your photo book online or with professional software. Using the online or software method lets you manipulate images and text until you are absolutely happy with the layout.

You can also choose a theme or concept for your photo book, be it showcasing your engagement or wedding, the birth of a new baby, or a terrific holiday.

So, if you're looking for a more permanent option for your treasured photos and one that you can share with family and friends, consider the photo book alternative.







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