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Spring craft ideas

We put together a selection of inspiring spring craft ideas to welcome Spring into your home.


Spring is my favourite time of the year. I love walking around the garden to see all the fresh new buds sprouting and the spring bulbs starting to show new growth, ready for the warmer months ahead. While I'm sure that a good spring cleaning is top of the list for many, we thought it might be nice to put together a selection a spring craft ideas, because who doesn't love to add a dose of spring freshness to their home.

Put your pine offcuts to good use by making a spring display board for a mantel shelf, wall or door. Join a few pine planks together, stain or paint them and then hot glue some colourful felt, crepe paper or silk flower onto the board.

For those that don't have scraps of wood lying around, there's plenty of ways to craft an easy spring-inspired wreath using a hoop (an embroidery hoop is great for this). Make up an assortment of coloured felt or fabric flowers to add a colourful display to your wreath and hang on display.

Make up a single box frame using scraps of wood and recycle some glass containers as vases for fresh garden flowers. Apple peach and plum blossoms add a colourful spring-inspired display to a table or shelf.

Wrap ordinary pebbles with preserved or dried moss and garnish with freshly picked flower heads. You can use these as table weights on a garden table when the wind starts to blow, or use them to decorate your indoor dining table.

If you have an established garden chances are you have some branches lying around. Put these to use as decorative containers for a display of felt flowers, or pot them up with baby succulents from the garden. Adding moss not only fills up the display, it's also good for holding moisture if you use live plants.

Upcycle old or unused picture frames into floral displays. Use a hot glue gun to stick pretty silk flowers onto the frame for a permanent display. Place on a shelf or hang on a wall for an instant spring boost.

A small canvas frame is also perfect for displaying silk or fresh flowers. Use a hot glue gun to secure small test tubes or containers at the back of the frame that can be filled with water to keep flowers fresh.

If you're still getting round to making a vertical garden display for indoors, get cracking on this project. Add even more colour and interest with a few freshly cut flowers to make the vertical garden pop.

Nothing says spring quite like a vase of colourful spring blooms. But instead of going the usual route, why not add an interesting variation to your display. Fill the bottom of the vase with carrots, lemon or orange slices.

For an instant spring freshner for your home, fill glasses and glass containers partially with water and fill with flower heads. This stunning display is perfect for on a coffee table or as a centrepiece for a dining table.

Welcome guests to your home with a spring wreath crafted with an arrangement of fresh flowers. Buy a ready-made wreath or craft your own using thin branches. I like to use trimmed ivy for making my own wreaths. Simply cut lengths of ivy, remove the flowers, shape and leave to dry.

Ball or Mason jars, or even recycled food jars, look pretty when painted up as flower vases. Keep it simple with a few flowers and some foliage for a pretty spring display.

If your home is still stuffy after the winter hibernation bring in some scented candles. I love the range of scented candles at Mr Price Home. Loaded with scents and reasonably priced for everyone to afford.

Your local garden centre will have a vast selection of spring annuals on sale now. Why not set up a colourful display that can be hung up on a patio or outdoor area to add a splash of colour. Think out of the box for planter ideas; you can upcycle an old colander, use wire baskets, or recycle other items in the home.

Add a new look to your home by upcycling an old piece of furniture. Paint the piece in your choice of paint colour and then cut out botanical prints and use decoupage to apply these to drawers or an entire piece. Finish off with layers of ModPodge or clear acrylic sealer.

If that's not enough to keep you busy, you will find plenty more Spring craft ideas in our Craft section!



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