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Crafty Vases to Display Freshly Cut Flowers

Every home should have at least one vase for displaying fresh flowers or gift bouquets but there are plenty of other crafty ideas for a vase or two for the home.





You always need at least one beautiful vase in your home for displaying freshly cut flowers or gift bouquets, but there are plenty of other crafty vase ideas for displaying a floral arrangement. From recycling aluminium cans to glass food jars, there are hundreds of ideas online for ways to display flowers, whether you want a whimsical arrangement to hang on the front door to welcome guests, or a vase or two on an outdoor dining table for summer entertaining.


1. Something recycled


Because of my mission to recycle whenever I can, I'm always looking for new ideas and ways to use items that normally get tossed into the rubbish bin. Recycling aluminium cans and glass food containers has always been a simple way to have plenty of vases for when you receive an unexpected bouquet or floral arrangement, or for when you are planning an alfresco afternoon of dining in the garden. But you don't want plain cans or jars, so why not make them look a little more elegant by printing out labels on your PC printer, or even hand-painted them to look like vintage containers.







Adding pebbles, glass beads or colourful marbles to the bottom of a glass food jar or container will make them appear a little less 'recycled' and a lot more elegant.


Another easy way to disguise recycled cans or jars is to wrap them with rope or scraps of pretty fabric.


2. Floral scented


If you don't want to part with a beautifully-crafted perfume bottle, you can easily turn this into a delicate vase that will sit nicely on a bathroom countertop or next to your bed. Fill the perfume vases with scented flowers that will fill the air with their delicate aroma.








3. Pretty when painted


Paint makes everything look pretty, so why not use it to turn ordinary glass bottles into vases in pastel hues. Glass bottles painted up as vases can turn a blah table setting into a beautiful arrangement for very little cost and you can arrange them in groups or single file down the centre of the table.

If you are going to be using a selection of bottles in different sizes, you can still arrange these to make an interesting group or you can knock up a wooden container using pallet wood and have this as a centrepiece for a table.


4. Steeped in history


For those who love collecting anything antique but the items have a few minor faults, these make wonderfully whimsical vases for peonies and roses and other flowers to complement your romantic style.


Antique or vintage crockery lends itself wonderfully for an afternoon tea or get-together with the ladies. Fill a vintage vase with colourful blossoms picked fresh from the garden.







5. Only add water


Galvanised can, pails, buckets and watering cans make the best vases for fresh flowers. If they have a little rust on the outside - even better. It only adds to this imperfect display of pretty perfection.


6. Anything will do


When you are next tidying out cupboards or cleaning out clutter, think twice before you throw something out. It might just be perfect for an occasional vase to put on display indoors or outdoors.



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