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A couple of tips when using upholstery pins or nails

There are some upholstery projects that can be fiddly and can quickly get you feeling frustrated. One of those is using upholstery pins or nails to decorate or add decorative nailhead trim to upholstered furniture. We found a couple of handy tips that will make the task easier. 


When you want to apply upholstery pins or nailhead trim to furniture, first measure the length of the piece to determine how many pins you will need. If you want to apply the upholstery pins very close together you can buy upholstery pin strips that make like easier, but if you only want a few pins you want them equally spaced and at the same height.

Apply a strip of masking tape or painter's tape to mark where you want to place the upholstery pins or nailhead trim.

Now you can use a pencil to mark the exact location for the upholstery pins. This will ensure that all your upholstery pins are evenly spaced.

Another trick you will find comes in handy when applying upholstery pins or nailhead trim, is to use a pair of pliers to hold the pins in place. Especially useful for those of us with short stubby fingers! 


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