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Turn jars or vases into votives

Here's a simple way to turn glass jars or vases into wonderful candle votives for an inexpensive holiday display.


Turn simple vases or recycled glass food jars into wonderful votives for your home using a few simple supplies.


Vases or glass food jars


Copper or brass wire (medium- and thin-gauge)

Needle-nose pliers


1. Cut [2] lengths of medium-gauge wire that is about 10cm longer than the opening of your jar or vase. Bend the wire over at both ends.

2. Continue to bend the wire until it follows the shape of your candle.

3. Overlap the two pieces of wire to make the candle holder.

4. Use the thin-gauge wire to secure the two pieces together, as shown above.

5. Now simply fit the holder in the top of your vase or food jar. As easy as that.


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