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DIY copper pipe crafts

I don't know of anyone that doesn't use Pinterest for craft ideas, and one trend that I picked up on is the growing interest in using copper tubes and fittings for DIY crafts and projects.


Copper tubing costs around R75 per 1,5 metre length at Builders stores around the country, making this a fairly affordable product to use for craft and DIY projects. And using copper tube is an easy way to add metallic elements to a home.

The copper tube and leather wine rack by Laurel is a great example of how you can use copper tubing to make stunning, practical items for the home. The project is made using lengths of tube, copper T's and elbows, and cut leather.

GOOD TO KNOW: If you have difficulty sourcing leather to make the copper tube and leather wine rack, substitute with a quality pleather fabric. This will also bring down the cost for the project.

Another copper tube project by Laurel is to add a copper end cap to wooden dowels to make hangers. If you don't have drywall for mounting the hangers, secure them onto a backing board to hang on the wall.

If you're still into printed magazines, a magazine rack always come in handy, especially next to the toilet! Here's another easy way to use copper tube and fittings, plus a piece of leather or pleather, to make your own trendy magazine rack. 

Making occasional and side tables is another great way to add furniture to a room without having to spend a fortune. Make the frame with copper tube and fittings and then add granite or marble tops, or cut SupaWood to size and spray paint.

Every home needs a table or two, and if they're easy and affordable to make you can make a variety of copper tube tables for different applications. Glue together cut pine planks and mount on a copper tube framework to make a table that you can use as a laptop table, or for drinks.

A coffee table like the one shown here, should only cost around R350 to make - and you definitely won't be able to buy a trendy and stylish ready-made coffee table for that price! A piece of laminated pine, cut to size, is secured on top of the copper tube frame - easy!

If you decide to make your own accessories and furniture using copper tube, it's a good idea to invest in a Pipe Cutter. These hand tools make it easy to cut copper tube to length.


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