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Make a hand painted Upholstered Bench Seat

You can make this easy Upholstered Bench with hairpin legs and wrap it in your own hand painted fabric.


So easy... start off by making the bench seat, upholstery it with your own hand painted fabric and then add some hairpin legs. In no time at all you will have a stylish bench for an entrance hall, to add a splash of interest to your home office, or to sit at the end of your bed.






1. Grab a piece of laminated pine at your local Builders Warehouse and your upholstery materials from your nearest fabric store. To upholster the bench you will need a piece of foam or heavy-weight batting and a piece of fabric large enough to cover the seat and staple underneath.

2. Take your fabric and apply your own hand painted designs using fabric paint. This is where you can allow your creativity to run free. This bench has an unusual design painted in black fabric paint. Once painted, iron the fabric to seal the paint into the surface of the fabric.

3. Place your foam or batting on the pine and cover with your hand painted fabric. Staple underneath the piece of pine. If you wish, you can add a piece of lining fabric to finish off underneath the bench.

4. Now all that's left to do is to paint your legs with gold or silver craft paint and attach these to the base of your upholstered bench seat. How easy is that!

You can make and upholster the bench seat in a couple of hours and then have a personally designed piece of furniture for your home.



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