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Make air-dry clay bowls

Use air-dry clay to make a selection of handcrafted bowls that are wonderful for gifts for any occasion - or for Valentine's Day.

Making your own air-dry clay bowls is an affordable way to handcraft unique gifts for any occasion. Carla Visser shows us how to make a selection of clay bowls that can be used as a keepsake or trinket holder, a wedding ring holder, or for a decorative accent. 

Follow the instructions below to make a wedding ring bowl, or add your own touches for a decorative bowl for any occasion.



Air-dry clay, white

Small and medium bowls

Craft knife

Granite or plastic rolling pin

Lace doilies

Wooden skewer

Cling wrap

Assorted shapes and / or letters

120-grit sandpaper

Gold craft paint and brush, or gold leaf and size



GOOD TO KNOW: Work on a glass tray or non-stick surface.

1. Break off half the air-dry clay and roll into a ball before rolling flat with a rolling pin. Flip over a few times to get a smooth finish on both sides and aim for a thickness of about 3mm.

2. Place the medium  bowl gently over the top of the rolled clay and use this as a guide to cut around the clay with your knife.

3. Position the doilie on top of the clay and firmly press it into the clay by rolling over it with your rolling pin. You want to impress the pattern from the doilie onto the surface of the clay without spoiling the shape too much. Lift off the doilie.

4. Press your letters and / or shapes into the clay gently with your fingers. Carefully remove the shapes - using the skewer to help you.

GOOD TO KNOW: Use the tip of a skewer to press on the smaller parts of the shapes to ensure a perfect transfer.

5. With the end of a skewer create two holes close to the edge of the clay. Once finished, you will thread the ribbon that will hold the rings through these two holes.

6. Cover the inside of your small bowl with cling wrap and then carefully lift the clay and put it into the bottom of the bowl. Use your fingers to push it down gently, without marking or denting the clay. Leave to dry for at least 24 hours before removing the clay from the bowl

7. Lightly sand the bowl with sandpaper if necessary.

8. To finish the bowl you can apply metallic gold craft paint, or use gold leaf and size to add decorative touches.


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