Make a Knitted Pouffe

This knitted pouffe is so easy to make, you could make more than one! A knitted pouffe adds warmth and texture to the winter home and is great for lounging in front of the fire.


Made with chunky knit or t-shirt yarn, our knitted pouffe uses a simple garter stitch and can be made in a weekend.


10mm knitting needles

T-shirt, ribbon, or chunky yarn [3 x 1200g]

Duvets or padding for inner

Large darning needle

OPTIONAL: Jersey or knit fabric to protect and cover up the padding




1. To make the pouffe, you will be working in garter stitch (see helpful video here). Cast on 60 stitches, or until your work measures around 170cm,or fits around the circumference of your rolled-up duvets, when lightly stretched. Cast off.

2. Use a large darning needle and long length of yarn to oversew the cast-on and cast-off edges together to form a tube.

3. Roll the duvet/s lengthways and then into a spiral and place inside the knitted tube.

GOOD TO KNOW: A cushion inner placed at the top and bottom adds extra plumping.

4. Thread the darning needle and gather up the underside edge of the tube. Insert the needle under one of the ridges formed at the row-end edge of the knitted cover.

Miss two ridges and insert the needle under the next. Continue until you have worked all the way round the opening. Pull both ends of the yarn tightly and knot them together. Tuck these ends into the inside of pouffe. Repeat the method for the topside edge.

For the more advanced knitter, you can experiment with different patterns to create your own unique knitted pouffe. Choose yarn colours that complement the decor in your home, or add a bold splash of colour.


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