20 ideas for wood wall decor

Wood is so easy to work with and you can use offcuts or buy pine at your local Builders to make your own wooden wall decor.


If you enjoy doing the occasional wood crafts and have some scrap pieces left over, the projects below offer a variety of ways to put scrap or reclaimed wood to good use. 

I like the idea of using small scraps of wood - offcuts or leftovers from a prior project - to act as a backing board for various projects. Use with brackets and Ball jars as plant holders [above], or bend medium-gauge copper wire to hang glass plant holders [ below]. You can purchase Ball jars at Pick 'n Pay, Makro and other supermarkets and retailers.



Use reclaimed wood, or even an old door, to add inspirational quotes to a plain wall. If your handwriting skills are not up to par, use the Internet and PC printer to print out the wording and trace onto your whitewashed or painted board.

Thin boards of differing heights are glued together and mounted onto a feature wall in opposing directions to create a visually interesting display.

Rough scraps of wood are mounted onto a backing board. Larger boards glued and screwed in place are perfect for wood blocks drilled out with a spade or MAD bit for mini flower arrangements.

Reclaimed fence boards are re-purposed into an interesting arrangement for galvanised pots filled with assorted herbs for the kitchen.

Need extra storage in a bathroom? These shelves are easy to make using offcuts and a Kreg pockethole jig or biscuit joiner. Or secure the shelf to the backing board by driving screws through the back of the board.

Scrap planks of rough cut timber fitted with steel brackets can be used to hang votive lanterns. Spray brackets and lanterns with Rust-Oleum High Temperature matt finish spray paint. Find the full range of Rust-Oleum products at your local Builders Warehouse..

Decorate a feature wall with wood accents that you hand craft and finish to complement your room decor.

There are so many ways to use reclaimed wood for accents and projects. Whether you use reclaimed pallets or other source of reclaimed wood, it's affordable and great for projects for any style of home. 

Wooden arrows as wall art is trending at the moment and you will find them on display in many a home. You can easily make your own using reclaimed or pine planks found at your local Builders. Stain the finished design using Woodoc gel stain or tinted Woodoc sealer, or apply Woodoc antique wax.

Reclaimed fence posts or wood beams are cut down to size to make wood shelves to display a variety of collectibles.

After trimming back trees or large shrubs, using these to make unique decor for the home is fun and adds a unique feature to any wall. The heart-shaped wall decor below is given a pink ombre paint treatment and suspended from a larger branch on thin string.

Combine small scraps, pine knobs and craft paint to make unique coat hangers for a home. Use picture hangers or keyhole brackets to mount onto the wall.

Tongue & groove planks are fairly inexpensive - cheaper than PAR pine in fact - and are a great way to make your own wall decor. Add something new with oversized stars or a clock.

Add coastal design to a wall using reclaimed wood planks trimmed to make mounting boards for seashells or collectibles. Use a biscuit joiner or Kreg pockethole jig to join the planks together, or apply wood glue and clamp the boards firmly together overnight. Use No More Nails adhesive to secure your embellishments to the boards.

Not a new idea, reclaimed wood - or pine given a technique to make it look aged - is a wonderful way to add a feature to boring walls. Rather than fasten individual planks to walls, it's easier to mount battens (thin strips) vertically on the wall and secure planks or boards to these.


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