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Make A PVC Pipe Planter

This pretty planter is made using a U-Bend PVC pipe that you can purchase at your local Builders store.





Have some fun with plumbing pipes by making this u-bend planter to house your favourite succulent. As part of a P-Trap, you can easily cut the top off the pipe and add a couple of end caps to make this planter and we show you how below.



Bend for a P-Trap

End caps [2]

120-grit sandpaper

Rust-Oleum textured stone spray

Pea gravel or pool pump sand

Sandy soil

Small decorative pebbles

Choice of succulent


Hacksaw or backsaw

Mitre box

Steel ruler and pencil


P-Trap with U-Bend - normally fitted underneath a sink or basin.











Step 1

Grab your mitre box. This is a handy tool for cutting materials that are not too hard such as pine moulding or trim, polystyrene or styrene cornice and crown moulding, gypsum cornice, as well as PVC pipes. If you don't have a mitre box, here are some easy instructions for making your own using scrap pieces of timber or board.


GOOD TO KNOW: If you don't know what is mitre box is or you haven't used on before, you will find helpful tips in this article.



Step 2

You need to cut off the top of the U-Bend to make a hole for filling with gravel and soil for your succulent. Use a ruler to draw a straight line across the top, as shown below.








Step 3

Using a hacksaw or backsaw, hold the U-Bend firmly while you cut away the top of the pipe.



Step 4

After cutting off the top of the pipe, use 120-grit sandpaper to sand smooth. You should also sand the outside of the pipe as this allows the paint to bond with the surface. 



Step 5

To close off the planter, place the end caps on the open ends of the U-Bend. If it isn't a snug fit, you might need to apply a bit of PVC adhesive. 



Step 6

Put down a drop cloth or newspaper before spraying the entire U-Bend with Rust-Oleum textured stone spray in your choice of colour. It comes in a variety of different textured colours and is on the shelf at your local Builders store. You will need to apply a couple of coats, allowing drying time between each coat and shaking the can well while spraying.








Step 7

Before adding the soil, put some pea gravel or pool sand down the two sides. Rather than drill holes in the end caps to allow drainage, the gravel will hold the water and keep the plant's root dry. Start adding soil to fill up, leaving enough space to add your plant.



Step 8

Carefully place the succulent inside the top of the pipe and fill it with soil, pressing down lightly around the plant. 



Step 9

Add a few decorative pebbles around the top.



How easy was that!


Don't throw away damaged or leftover PVC components when you can re-purpose them for the home!


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