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Decorative wire chandelier

Here's a wonderful way to use thin- and medium-gauge wire to craft a decorative wire chandelier that you can hang indoors or outdoors. Dress up your patio with a wire chandelier fitted with tea light candles, real or battery, or even small solar lights.


Crafted from wire, this delicate chandelier was twisted and curled into shape and making it is so much fun that you will want to make more. Hang the chandelier from a thin chain and hook so that it can twist and turn.

You can buy various types of wire at your local Builders and shop around online or at bargain or home decor stores for tea light candles or solar lights.



Roll of thin- and medium-gauge wire

Round-nose, needle-nose and cutting pliers


4 of 30mm screws and screwdriver

Soldering iron and solder



1. Cut a length of wire 35cm long. This is for the first 'S' shaped curl. Hold the wire in one hand and use the pliers in your other hand to shape a curl. Holding the first curl in your hand, curl the other end.

2. Cut three pieces of wire 30cm in length and make a curl at both ends. Cut these in half so that you have a total of 12 curls.

3. Cut a 25cm length of wire and curve slightly. Place one end against the 'S' shape and at the other end you will add three curls cut in the previous step. These are joined together using the thin gauge wire.  Make sure that the top of the centre wire lines up with the top of the curls, as this will support your tea light candles.

4. After wrapping with wire use a soldering iron and solder to secure these firmly in place.

5. Cut a long length 50cm for the centre shaft. At one end curl a hook shape for hanging, and at the other end create a spiral. I wrapped the wire around a wooden spoon and then loosened and released the wire for the shape.

6. At 10cm up from the spiral, wrap some wire around the centre wire and solder. 

7. Use wire to wrap and secure the 'S' shaped assemblies, also using solder to secure. Check that all sections are tightly fastened in place or add more solder as necessary to secure.

Now that the main design is complete you can add detail or embellishments. Use thin and medium gauge wire to add on more sections, or decorate with buttons, tags or your choice of trim. 


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