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Make A Diffuser For Aromatherapy Oils

Why pay a fortune for an air freshener when you can make a diffuser and use your own selection of aromatherapy oils to fill your home with scents.



I have been making my own diffusers for many years, must be about 30 years now when I was first introduced to aromatherapy oils, and since that time I have been mixing various oils to obtain unique scents for the rooms in my home. When you look at how much a single can of air freshener costs and how long it lasts, it doesn't make sense to spend so much on chemical smells when you can use a single aromatherapy oil or combine more than one to create natural scents for your home that last much longer than chemical smells.



There are so many different aromatherapy oils you can choose from and you can use them to evoke emotions or feelings or to bring about a sense of wellness. Of course, you can also mix up oils to make a beautifully scented refresher for bathroom odours as well.



As the containers for a diffuser, you can use any glass container that looks nice. I keep all my old perfume bottles and remove the tops to turn them into diffusers that can be placed around the house in different rooms. You could also use glass food jars and containers or any other piece of glassware you think might look nice.



There are several benefits associated with using an aromatherapy diffuser from relieving stress and anxiety, reducing tiredness and fatigue, to increasing concentration and refreshing the air around you. When buying aromatherapy oils for use in a diffuser, read the label to find out the properties related to a specific oil. Also read the label to determine if there are any warnings related to a particular oil, for example, pregnant women should steer clear of lavender oil.










The idea of having a diffuser in the rooms in a home is to fill the home with lovely scents that lift the mood and fragrance your home - naturally. A diffuser that is not plugged in will not be as strong as one that is, but you still have that subtle scent in the room all the time.








Glass container, clean and dry

Reeds (you can buy these online or source your own)

Carrier oil (this can be sweet almond oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil and so on)

Aromatherapy or essential oils (certified as natural or organic)


GOOD TO KNOW: Don't use mineral oil as a carrier oil. This is a petroleum by-product and we want all-natural for the diffuser.

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To make up the solution for placing in the diffuser bottle, we have listed a guideline below for the dilution percentage when using aromatherapy or essential oils in a carrier oil. Insert the reeds and your diffuser is ready. Flip the reeds every week to refresh the scent.


For half a cup of carrier oil, add 60 drops of aromatherapy or essential oil.


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When you are using a carrier oil for a natural diffuser, these don't last a long time. It is better to clean out the diffuser monthly and add new carrier oil and aromatherapy oils to make sure the scents in the home are healthy and fresh.


GOOD TO KNOW: If you or anyone in your family suffers from sensitivity, discuss the use of a diffuser with your healthcare provider. While diffusers are healthier than chemical air fresheners, certain individuals have a sensitivity to specific oils.





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