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Everlasting Plaster-Dipped Flowers

Dress up containers with your own beautiful plaster-dipped flowers for an everlasting display.


Hard to believe that these beautiful jar-top creations are silk flowers dipped in plaster of Paris. You can make your own flower designs for adding to recycled jars, for around mirror frames, or to add to a special piece, and all you need are some silk flowers and a bag of plaster of Paris that only costs around R25 at your local Builders store.

These gorgeous plaster-dipped flowers were created by Artsy VaVa and she used them on top of a collection of jars with wooden lids. You can also place them on top of recycled food jars or Bell jars, or anywhere else you want to put them on display.



After making the flowers yourself you can apply a matt or gloss protective sealer, or you can use a distressing techniques to make a Shabby Chic display of flowers.


Assorted silk flowers

Bag of plaster of Paris








1. Use scissors to cut up the silk flower arrangements as required. If this is your first time it might be a good idea to do a practice run to see how your project turns out - before you make the actual project.

2. Mix up the plaster of Paris to a smooth but only slightly runny paste. If you make it too thick it will clump, but if you make it too runny it won't coat the flowers properly. Get the mix ratio perfect with a practice run beforehand.

3. Coat the flowers with plaster of Paris, making sure they are completely covered and shake a little to remove any excess plaster.



4. For the next step you can place the dipped flowers on a piece of wax paper, or hang them up to drip dry. Do turn regularly until the plaster starts to harden.

Once the flowers are completely dry you can trim the stems off the flowers and mount them onto container lids using epoxy adhesive or a hot glue gun.



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