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Set Up a Crafts or Hobby Room for the Entire Family

The lockdown brought about a lot of changes, one of which is where the family can get together and do crafts or hobbies, but you will need a dedicated space or room to do this.



During the recent lockdown, I spent a lot of time focusing on crafty DIY projects and a few crafty ones as well. After talking to a few friends, it seems that I wasn't the only person learning crafts or discovering a new hobby during this time and it seems to have brought a lot of families closer together as they all get involved in one way or another.

When you are spending more time at home than you usually do, you need something to fill in the blank spaces with something creative; something you and your family can enjoy together. Setting up a dedicated craft or hobby room is a great idea for any family where 1 or more members of the family enjoy losing themselves to creativity.

If you have a spare room in the house that you can dedicate to a craft or hobby room, that's great, but if you don't there are other options to consider. Perhaps there is a bit of space in the garage that can be repurposed, or you could even think about investing in a Wendy hut or large garden shed - both of these options would work great.

There are a few things you need to consider when setting up a craft or hobby room:







In a home that has built-in cupboards along one side of the room, think about how you can do minor modifications to turn this into practical storage.


1. Storage, storage and more storage

Crafts and hobbies can become messy when you get lost in the creative process. That's why you need to make sure there are plenty of different storage options for the items that you will keep in the room. You want to be able to easily clean off cluttered worktops so that you have enough space to work.

Smart storage ideas will go a long way towards creating the perfect room for all your craft and hobby supplies, with tables or counters where you can work.

Children can easily leave any room messy, even just after 5 minutes of creativity! Basket, boxes, caddies and storage shelves will make it simpler for children to clean up after themselves and leave the room clean for next time.







2. Organised chaos

An organised craft or hobby room is a must if you want to avoid frustration. If you know where everything is it makes it so much easier to find what you are looking for or keep an eye on stocks to see what needs to be replenished. Organisation goes hand in hand with storage and once you have storage solutions such as shelves and cupboards in place, you can then focus on smaller requirements for your craft and hobby supplies so that these can be labelled or tagged for easy finding.


3. Worktops or countertops

Every craft or hobby room needs to offer plenty of space where you can work, even if it's only to accommodate a sewing machine. If you want to be able to enjoy your crafts, think about how you can modify the space to achieve maximum benefit. As just mentioned, even if you only have a sewing machine, you will need a space to cut fabric or create your own patterns. If you are using your sewing skills to make a bit of extra cash or income you might also need to invest in a mannequin or two. Don't just think about the obvious furniture you might need, but what other furniture can fit into the space to have maximum enjoyment.

Having a large, raised work surface in the centre of the room will allow other family members to share the space.


In a small room where space is limited, look at the best options for placing furniture so that the entire family can craft at the same time.


4. Storage for special items

We have already mentioned how important storage is for a craft or hobby space, but your craft or hobby may also have special storage needs, ones that will make your life easier and let you spend more time being creative. Think about ways that you can improve the cupboards or shelves to accommodate special requirements. 







Your crafting time is precious and you don't want to waste time having to search for things you need.


Whatever your craft or hobby, make sure to bring in special storage that lets you have easy access to supplies you use regularly as part of your creative process.



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