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Pressed Leaf Clay Bowls

Use air dry clay to make decorative pressed leaf design clay bowls.


Use air dry clay to craft small, medium or large bowls with pressed leaf designs. You can use any leaves for this project, but the more pronounced the veins on the leaves the better. 

After making the bowls you can choose to leave them as is, apply a clear polyurethane finish, or spray paint them in any colour.




Das or Jovi air dry clay

Selection of leaves

Rolling mat and roller

Sharp scissors

Aluminium foil







1. Start by rolling out the air dry clay to about 5 to 6mm thickness. Place your leaf with the vein side on the clay and use a roller to press the design into the surface of the clay.

2. Carefully lift the clay, with the leaf on top, and roughly cut away the excess clay with sharp scissors. You are only cutting the general shape for now.

3. After cutting out the general outline, use your scissors to do more detailed cutting. Don't try to remove too much in one go - it will be neater and easier to make small snips to remove excess clay.

GOOD TO KNOW: Before shaping the clay on foil or in a bowl, place the clay on your mat and carefully peel the leaf from the clay.

4. Now you can choose from two options for your clay bowls. Both options work well so you can decide for yourself which method you prefer:

a. Use tin foil to arrange a basic shape to place your clay leaf on top. This method allows the clay to dry quickly all round.

b. Place your clay leaves in a bowl overnight and then transfer onto tin foil.



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