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Make Painted Rock Art

Painted rock or pebble art has become a global trend, and crafters have fun collecting rocks and pebbles to paint their own colourful designs onto them.



I remember as a little girl collecting pebbles and rocks off the beach and taking these home to make book weights, door stops and other colourful items to dress up my bedroom. I had so much fun painting different designs on pebbles and rocks. Nowadays, rock or pebble painting has become a global trend and rock art has been elevated to a new level using a variety of acrylic craft paints.









Rock Art is a Fun Family Craft

There are thousands of ideas to choose from on the web, and you only need to pop onto Instagram or Pinterest to see how this craft has grown. It's easy to see why; you can collect your own flat pebbles or rocks, and acrylic craft paint can be purchased almost anywhere these days, plus you can unleash your creativity to make colourful pebbles or rock art or keep the kids occupied for hours on end.

Painting is a fun craft for the kids, and it works towards honing their fine motor skills. Not just budding painters, everyone will love making their colourful creations.



Heritage Crafts provide rock painting kits that supply the rocks you need as well as the paint and supplies to finish your rock art.





Supplies you need for Rock Art

When it comes to the supplies you need for rock or pebble art the most important is the craft paint that you use. Acrylic paints are preferred as these give a glossy finish and allow you to apply a clear sealer over the top to protect the painted surface.


While many rock artists claim that Plaid Folk Art Acrylic Paints are the best to use for painting rocks and pebbles, we, unfortunately, don't have access to these paints in a huge colour range. But most other acrylic paints will do the job just as well, as long as they are not too runny or too thick.You will also need a selection of paint applicators beside the paintbrushes. For this you can use cotton buds. Try removing the cotton bud part of a small paint applicator, remove only some of the bud for a medium applicator and keep the bud as is and use this. You can also use a pencil that has an eraser on one end.







If you prefer to purchase everything you need to make rock art, Heritage Crafts offers kits that include:






Want to start making your own Rock Art? Watch the tutorials below to get an idea of how easy it is.







Items to make with your Rock Art

It is not only pebbles and rocks that can be painted, but you can also use this method to paint on almost anything. Using the Mandala technique of colourful raised dots, you can create fashion accessories and decor for the home. You can even use the dot painting method on furniture for a unique accent piece or on glass if you enjoy recycling food jars and containers.





Imagine being able to make custom earrings that match your outfit, or just earrings that are anything but ordinary. Use the same technique as you would for painting rocks to make your jewellery. Purchase inexpensive jewellery and add your personal touch using acrylic paint.





Not only can you create unique one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces for yourself, but you could also look at establishing an online business to sell your creations to clients locally.



Custom Artworks



Have a piece of 6mm, 9mm or 12mm SupaWood cut in a circle. Paint the background with black or white paint before using paint dots in your favourite colours to make custom artwork for your home.



Mirror Frames



Decorative mirrors are almost impossible to find in home decor stores, but they are easy to make using SupaWood and purchasing a circular mirror - or having one cut to size at a glass and mirror supplier. You can easily make a decorative mirror for a wall at a fraction of what it would cost to buy readymade.



Picture Frames



Why not try your hand at dot painting on inexpensive picture frames. You can pick these up at most home decor stores, and you don't need to spend a lot on a plain frame that you can customise with dot painting. It is a great way to add colour and interest to a gallery wall or have your favourite pictures on display around the home.






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