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Clever ideas for an organised home

If you are struggling to corral the clutter, we've put together a selection of clever ideas that you can easily put into practice to help keep your home clutter-free.


Bundles of cables aren't exactly attractive and will make a home office - large or small - appear cluttered. An inexpensive and easy solution is to repurpose cardboard boxes into cable boxes. Cut holes on both sides of the boxes from cables in and cables out. You can even place an extension cord inside the box to disguise the adaptor. Cover the boxes with colourful patterned wrapping paper that matches the decor in your work space.

TV units are another area where power cords and cables can cause clutter. The fabric covered pouch [above] is perfect for holding a cable adaptor so that you never have to crawl under furniture again. Use card or a sheet of plastic and cover this with fabric. Punch eyelets into the corners for hanging onto a pair of brackets.







If you are handy with tools, make a cut out shelf to fit under a door- or wall-mounted mirror that allows you to hang your hair styling tools rather than keeping them lying around. Another alternative is to make an upholstered ottoman stool for all your hair styling tools.

Use yoyo's as cable organisers. Remove the string from the yoyo and wrap headphone cords around the middle.

Fitting a tray underneath a desk is an easy way to hold a plug adaptor and sort all your cords. If you don't already have a tray, use offcuts to make your own tray. Label the cords to make sorting them out easier and keep all your cords tangle-free.

An activity station helps keep you organised when you work or cook. Keep the kids entertained while you cook with a craft station mounted on the side of a cabinet. Or organise your kitchen suppliers with assorted rails and shelves. We made a shelf for spices and oil and a rail to hang tools like a tablet stand and scissors. The herbs, foil, and plastic bags are mounted on curtain rods.


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