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Quick Project: Indoor terrarium

Creating an indoor terrarium doesn't have to be difficult and we show you how easy it is to make an interesting indoor terrarium in under 30 minutes.


A terrarium is an easy way to bring touches of greenery indoors that require hardly any maintenance. It's all about selecting the right plants for your terrarium, plants that are hardy and only require occasional watering, and bedding these in potting soil and moss.

For the container for a terrarium, look for a lantern with a hinged door to make it simple to set up the terrarium, but if you can't find one with a hinged door, you can still make it work. A glass cloche is another easy solution for setting up an indoor terrarium.

one kings lane


Lantern or similar container with glass sides

Handful of organic potting soil

Preserved moss

Selection of small, hardy plants



1. Remove the plants from their pots or containers, keeping the root ball intact. You can use any leftover soil to layer the bottom of the lantern.

2. Place a layer of moss on the bottom of the lantern and place the plants on top of this. Fill up any gaps with potting soil.

3. Cover the plant roots with another layer of moss. The moss covers up the root balls and help retain moisture.

4. Water the plants with about half a cup of water and repeat this on a weekly basis.

GOOD TO KNOW: Trim away any new growth to ensure plants don't overcrowd the terrarium.

If you're lucky enough to be able to find air plants, these can be used to create an interesting organic display for a bathroom. These plants only require light to grow, as they take their moisture from the air in a bathroom.



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