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3 Quick and Easy Cement Crafts

Here are 3 quick and easy cement crafts for the home that you can make over the holidays as a fun project.


Make a Concrete Trivet

This concrete trivet can be used for pots and pans, or as a stand for your teapot. The trivet will protect surfaces from hot items.

To make a concrete trivet you will need grey or white cement, thin leather or nylon strips, a mould to make the individual pieces and a couple of straws.

1. Cut the straws into small pieces that will fit horizontally across the top and bottom of the tray. These will form the holes for threading with a leather or nylon strips. 

2. Mix cement and water to a smooth but runny consistency and pour into the trays.



3. Use a palette knife or trowel to wipe away excess cement.

4. Put in a cool dry place and leave to dry for 48 hours.

5. Carefully pop out the individual pieces. You can sand them with 120-grit sandpaper to remove any rough edges.





6. Arrange the concrete slats in a row...

...Tie off one end and thread the leather or nylon strips through the holes.

7. Pull the slats together and tie off at the other end to create your pot trivet.



Make a Decorative Concrete Candle Holder

Use a large crochet doily to make this decorative candle holder for a shelf or side table.

1. Mix your cement to a lump-free, runny consistency.

2. Place the doily inside the cement mixture.

3. Use your hands to make sure the doily is completely covered.

4. Place a medium-height glass on your worktop...

...And place a ceramic, steel or plastic bowl on top of the glass.

5. Drape the cement doily over the bowl and arrange around. Let this dry for 48 hours before use.



Make Concrete Light bulbs

Here's a way to recycle old light bulbs - particularly the old incandescent bulbs - and turn them into a practical storage feature.

1. Remove the top and inside from your light bulbs.

2. Place the light bulbs in an egg carton to hold them firm and upright.

3. Mix your cement to a smooth paste and pour inside the light bulbs. Fill up to the top.

4. Place a long, coarse-thread (chipboard) screw at the top of the light bulb.

5. Let the cement dry for about 48 hours and then lightly tap the glass with a hammer to remove. Any remaining pieces can be removed with a pair of pliers.  Your concrete light bulbs can now be easily screwed in where you need extra storage.




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