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Craft Ideas with Craft Foam Sheets

Craft foam sheets are available at most craft and hobby stores and sold in sheets that can be used for stamping projects or making your own flowers.


So you've tried making faux flowers with crepe paper, tissue paper and the like and it didn't look that good. That's because you should be using foam sheets for making faux flowers. Using foam sheets gives you realistic flowers that are everlasting and perfect for a centrepiece or display, for DIY wedding, celebrations and parties.

You can buy foam sheets at craft or hobby shops, as well as at online suppliers. The foam sheets come in a standard size in an array of beautiful colours that are perfect for using to making foam flowers.

You would be surprised at how easy it is to use craft foam to make beautiful flower arrangements or bouquets, so to show you how simple it is, take a look at the videos at the bottom of this page.





All you need to craft your own foam flower arrangement is some craft foam, scissors, an iron and a few floral accessories and plenty of inspiration!






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