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PVC pipe desk organiser

Here's a colourful PVC pipe desktop organiser that you can make to keep your workspace organised. Colour blocking with paint adds a fun design element.




PVC pipe cut at different lengths

Craft paint in your choice of colour, plus a metallic finish


Pine board, approx. 300mm in length


120-grit sandpaper

Tape measure and pencil


Mitre saw, hacksaw or saw

Buy everything you need for this project at your local Builders Warehouse.



1. Cut the pine board to the desired length and sand smooth. Wipe clean before painting in metallic gold. 

2. Cut the PVC pipe to different lengths. You can determine the heights by thinking about the items you want to store in your desk organiser. 

3. Paint the PVC pipe with your colour choice and then add a design with metallic paint. 

4. Use superglue to attach the PVC pipe sections to the board.

GOOD TO KNOW: Decide on a layout for the pipes before you glue them in place, so that you can move around until you are satisfied with the layout.

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