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Reclaimed succulent planter

Use reclaimed wood pallets to make a decorative succulent planter for indoors. Very affordable and easy to make and you can adjust the dimensions to make a larger or smaller planter.


To keep your succulents looking good, water regularly with only small amount of water. The planter does best in a room that receives lot of natural light or in a sunny bathroom or kitchen.



Reclaimed wood pallet

Alcolin Ultra wood glue

Acrylic PVA and paintbrush or make your own liming wax


Optional: Table saw, mitre saw or router

Quick clamps

Orbital sander plus 180-grit sanding pads

Tape measure and pencil






1. Cut all the required pieces to make the planter: base, 2 sides, 2 ends and 2 dividers.

3. Apply wood glue to the sections before clamping together. Leave overnight.

4. Use a sander to remove any rough edges and sand smooth.

5. At this stage you can use a table saw, mitre saw or router to add decorative grooves around the outside of the box. 

6. To finish your planter box you can apply a light whitewashing technique with acrylic PVA, or use a homemade lining wax. Always finish off with a good quality wax or sealer to protect your reclaimed wood planter.

GOOD TO KNOW: Here's an easy whitewashing technique that I used on my pine dining table.


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